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Volunteer Whale Counters For 2013

Annual Humpback Whale Count
It is estimated that protection of these endangered animals has allowed the number of wintering humpbacks in Hawaiian waters to increase from an estimated 1000 back in 1978 to an estimated to 10-12,000 currently.  That’s about 50-60% of the estimated total North Pacific Humpback count of 20,000.
The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National […]

How many islands should you plan on visiting?

Visit one…two…or all of them?
One of the biggest mistake many first-time visitors to the Aloha State make is to try and take in too much of the island experience with too little time.  While on paper, it might seem like you could spend a week and island-hop until you’ve taken in the six major islands, […]

Hawaii Helicopter Tours

Planning a Hawaiian vacation? Make sure to include a helicopter flight to your list of things to do. Only from the air will you be able to thoroughly see and experience such things as fiery volcanoes, plunging waterfalls, sheer sea cliffs, spouting whales, and lush rainforests. And you’ll do it in less than 60 minutes.

Shark Sightings Seem on the Rise

It seems that there have been more shark sightings recently than is normal.   On Sunday, April 29, a 10-12 foot Tiger-shark sighting  a couple hundred yards off shore caused the closing of Ala Moana Beach until Monday morning.  Yes, Ala Moana!  Keep in mind, “a couple of hundred yards” would put the shark “outside” of […]

The 2012 Humpback Whale Sanctuary Ocean Count

The Annual Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Ocean Count
And, once again, they are looking for volunteers to help with this year’s count.  This effort has been an on-going project since 2002 and helps in determining the overall health of the humpback whale population in the Pacific.  The annual sanctuary ocean count has shown […]

Hiking in Hawaii

Hiking in Paradise
While most people planning a trip to Hawaii have visions of beaches and palm trees, for the outdoor-oriented individuals, Hawaii also offers a surprising number of hiking opportunities.  Trails and challenges run the gamut from short paths to scenic views of waterfalls or seascapes to challenging hikes that include a change of altitude […]

Chocolate from Hawaii

First planting of Cacao beans in 1850
Chocolate from Hawaii began with the introduction of cacao beans to Hawaii happened in 1850, when German physician William Hillebrand brought the first plant to Foster Botanical Garden in Honolulu.   The first commercial crop of cacao beans was planted in Hilo in the early 1890’s.  World War I brought […]

Nani Moon Mead…Hawaiian Honey Wines

Nani Moon Mead, LLC, is the only producer of tropical honey wines in the state of Hawaii and can be found in Kapa’a, Kauai. Made with locally produced honey and locally grown fruits and without the use of any sulfites or other artificial chemicals, they currently produce five different varieties of honey wine.

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