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How many islands should you plan on visiting?

Visit one…two…or all of them?
One of the biggest mistake many first-time visitors to the Aloha State make is to try and take in too much of the island experience with too little time.  While on paper, it might seem like you could spend a week and island-hop until you’ve taken in the six major islands, […]

Honolulu Fish Auction

United Fishing Agency Auction…
better known as the Honolulu Fish Auction is held Mon-Sat mornings at 5:30 am at the Pier 38 location.
Hawaii Seafood Org…How does the fish auction work?
Honolulu Fish Auction (which was started in August 1952) is the only fish auction between Tokyo and Maine and the only fish auction in the US that […]

International Marketplace – 7/14/2010

What do you think about the continuing controversy of this Waikiki landmark? It appears that the International Marketplace’s days are numbered, as the Queen Emma Foundation (owner’s of the property) continue to review proposals from multiple land developers.
Do you think Waikiki really needs another “upscale” shopping mall?  Admittedly, the International Marketplace has grown long in […]

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