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Skyline Eco-Adventures, Akaka Falls Zipline

PRESS RELEASE: Skyline Eco-Adventures, Akaka Falls Zipline Course

Announcing Skyline Eco Adventures Akaka Falls Zipline Course – on the Big Island of Hawaii
Honomu, Hawaii – June, 20, 2011 Skyline Eco Adventures ( is proud to
announce the opening of its newest zipline course. Located below Akaka Falls, the first US zipline
company continues to lead the industry in adventure, safety, and innovation with the completion
of its Big Island zipline tour.

Skyline Akaka Falls is the only zipline tour in the World where guests can zip on a line that stretches well over ½ mile and soars directly above a private 250 foot waterfall. The 6 line, 2.5 hour tour flies guests over lush ravines backdropped by dramatic ocean and mountain views on the famed Hamakua coast.

Father and daughter team, Scott and Megan Boren, own and operate the new Big Island zipline
course that is the first franchise for Skyline Eco Adventures which opened in 2002 on Maui as
America’s first commercial zipline tour.

“When we first saw this incredible waterfall, we wanted to do what no one else has done and zip
not beside, but right over it,” remembers Scott.

Skyline helps set the industry standards for safety, through its active involvement in multiple
industry committees and groups. The company has safely conducted nearly 2 million customer
zipline crossings at its multiple zipline tour locations, making it the United States’ most experienced
zipline operator. Skyline Akaka Falls utilizes Patent-Pending zipline equipment, designed by Skyline
Eco-Adventures’ Technology Division to exceed all industry safety standards. The tour guides are
fun, knowledgable, and complete over a month long training program before leading tours.

Skyline is a carbon neutral company, a proud member of 1% for the Planet, and strives not only
to inspire awe for the natural wonder of Hawaii, but also to educate guests about Hawaii’s unique
history and culture, while making significant contributions to environmental and cultural
preservation efforts throughout Hawaii.

“The course has something for everyone, whether you’re an experienced zipper or not. Each line
is unique and exciting in its own way. And the last line over the waterfall will take everyone’s breath
away,” smiled Megan.

For tours, media, or questions, call 808-878-8400 or visit
Bonnie Blair


NOTE:  According to their website, the zipline goes over a 250′ private waterfall, NOT Akaka Falls, although they insist on marketing this zipline as the “Akaka Falls Skyline Adventure”.

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  • Wendy says:

    Thanks, [anti-] Eco-Adventure idiots. You greedy pigs. This is the worst thing yet that I’ve seen about the “progress” being made on the Big Island. I want to throw up. I just read about this and am sickened by the greed of these worthless companies and the willingness of everyone to just go along with it, ruining not only a view, but now the state is charging people to park where it was once free to just stop by for a few hours and enjoy a quiet, untouched view of nature. Now it’s going to be clogged with more people & congestion, not to mention the HUGE fact that it’s a distraction of what was formerly a pristine, untouched-by-human-morons view. This has greatly diminished the beauty & solitude of this place for the sake of a dollar. DISGUSTING. Eco-Tours my fat rear. Environmentally friendly? Hardly. Greedy? ABSOLUTELY. You’ve totally spoiled one of my favorite spots on the island and are adding insult to injury for CHARGING me to park where it used to be a nice fee-friendly activity to engage in. All I can say is thank GOD that Pu’uhonua o Honaunau isn’t anywhere NEAR a mountain where you can bolt a freaking cable into & slide down into and screw up. You all suck. I hope Pele exacts her revenge on you for this and gives you all what you deserve.

  • randy says:

    Just to clarify, it is the state that implemented the $5 parking fee and this was done at the end of 2010 and kamainas are exempt. And, as I said in my blog article, I have not had a chance to personally check it out, so I do not know how obtrusive their zipline actually is. I am hoping that someone who has actually been to their zipline will comment and better still, submit a pic. All I had to go on was their website information. I thank you for leaving your comment and could not agree more with you. I will say this about the $5 parking fee, if it eliminates car break-ins, then perhaps its not all bad. Still, overall, I too am disturbed that we must pay to see many of the things that mother nature has provided. It is an unfortunate that we must protect these sites from people who would otherwise vandalize, litter or even destroy the very attraction that draws us.

  • randy says:

    After looking into this further, I am happy to report that this zipline does NOT go over Akaka Falls. Rather, it goes over a 250′ private waterfall located in Honomu, Hawaii. There is also a zipline set up at the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens in nearby Onomea Bay, too. But, the best news is that the view of Akaka Falls is not affected by ziplines in the area.

  • Kamika says:

    Wow, I bet Wendy is single … or divorced and single.

    Read the article … you’ll see that Akaka Falls is not impacted at all and this has nothing to do with the parking fee there. It is wrong for this zipline company to MARKET their tour as Akaka Falls Zipline because 1. It is not true and is therefore misleading the consumer and 2. It pisses off people who can’t read … like Wendy here. It is striking how similar their waterfall looks to Akaka Falls … but it is definitely shorter. I guess Wendy can’t tell the difference.

  • randy says:

    I agree with your comments and observations about the marketing of this as the “Akaka Falls Zipline”. And, yes, the similarity in appearance of the waterfalls is what got my attention initially, too. As for Wendy, I think she was mainly upset over having Akaka Falls commercialized, which I was initially concerned about as well. I think the parking fee just added to the fuel. Did you hear about the recent accident and resulting death at a nearby zipline? The question now being debated is whether or not the state will begin to regulate this industry, which up till now has been unregulated. I very much appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and leaving a comment. Mahalo!

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