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International Marketplace – 7/14/2010

What do you think about the continuing controversy of this Waikiki landmark? It appears that the International Marketplace’s days are numbered, as the Queen Emma Foundation (owner’s of the property) continue to review proposals from multiple land developers.

International Market Place, A Waikiki Icon

International Market Place, A Waikiki Icon


Do you think Waikiki really needs another “upscale” shopping mall?  Admittedly, the International Marketplace has grown long in the tooth and some of the kiosks and buildings are showing their age.  Maybe I’m just feeling too nostalgic these days, after years of watching so many of my old haunts disappear.

International Marketplace map

Map of the International Marketplace

Best guess, it will be well into 2011 before anything concrete can be anticipated.  So, at least for now, the International Marketplace will continue on, business as usual.  I, for one, will miss watching my daughters bargain-hunt for that perfect dress to take home.

Target date for some sort of decision has been set as the end of summer by the foundation.

What are your feelings?

Update: The days are numbered for this Waikiki landmark, as the International Marketplace will likely be razed before the end of 2013.  In its place, an upscale mall which will forever change the landscape as one of the oldest parts of this vacation destination disappears.

Update: Well, the wait is over and the International Marketplace is a thing of the past…at least  the original International Marketplace.  Removal of the old Marketplace began the first of 2014 and construction of the upscale mall began a few months later.  Check out a more recent post at


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