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Rain, Hail, even a Tornado!

Hawaii seems to be stuck in a rainy weather pattern and has seen more than its fair share of flood warnings issued over the past couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, it has not been an even amount of rain falling throughout the state.  Parts of the Big Island, for example, is still suffering a severe drought going back to 2011.

My sister forwarded me the following pic, which I just HAD to post here to share with my readers!  An awesome sight of multiple waterfalls in the Koolau mountains on Oahu.  The most I had ever personally seen might equal half of what this pic has captured.


According to the latest news, there was also a tornado that did property damage on the windward side of Oahu, in the Lanikai, Enchanted Lake subdivision area.  The tornado was rated a EF0 with winds of 75 mph, but still managed to do some severe damage to a few homes.

And, an accompaniment that only car body shops could love,  this weather event came with golf ball size hail!  While there have been over 40 tornadoes in Hawaii since 1950, hail is a very rare occurrence, especially hail of this size.  As a matter of fact, the weather service says to find hail this size, you’d have to go back to pre-1950’s.  Actually, hail falling in the state is more common than we think, but the majority of that hail falls over the ocean.

Go to: for a video covering the damage.

Another video of damage and reactions.

Meanwhile, on Kauai, the Napali Coast State Wilderness park is closed following rain-related damage to the Kalalau trail.

West Maui also got hit with golf ball size hail on Friday morning!   Add to that the torrential rains and heavy lightning storms and its been a pretty miserable week.   The good news is that the worse residual effect were around 70 people losing phone service and 400 losing power around the Hana area.  Roads were closed, debris blocking many others, and just a lot of cleanup ahead for the weekend.

Maui’s Polipoli Spring State Park and Waianapanapa State Park were also closed due to severe weather.

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