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$147 Fine for Using Mobile Devices While Driving – 7/1/2011

Honolulu:  The current fine for using a handheld mobile device while driving is $97.  Effective July 1st, that fine increases to $147.

The two-year old law has seen almost 17,000 drivers cited and over $1.5 Million in fines collected.  (All fines go towards the General Fund, so I guess you can say its helping to balance the budget.)

The easiest way to avoid this fine is to simply stop using your mobile device while driving.  Short of that, you can get a corded headset/ear-piece or wireless bluetooth so you can use your phone hands-free.

There are many states that have various levels of laws against using cellphones and/or texting while driving.  A few states even go as far as to ban any use of cellphones, even hands-free use.

Those who are planning on visiting and renting a car while in Hawaii should take note of this law and consider yourself warned.


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