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American Airlines Update – 1/26/2011

I just received word from Priceline that they will continue to offer American Airlines’ flights on their system.  You can earn your AAdvantage frequent flyer miles booking thru them, as well.

For those who have not noticed, American Airlines recently pulled their flight availability from Orbitz and Expedia.  So, when searching for flights on those two systems, you will no longer have AA flights and prices searched.

It is an unfortunate trend as the more airlines pull their availability from various search sites, the less convenient it becomes for travelers to find the best price.  I happen to be a fan of both Orbitz and Expedia.  I should point out that American Airlines flights can also still be found on, at least as of this writing.

As airfares continue their trend to higher and higher levels, and there does not seem to be any end in sight for rising oil/fuel costs, it is less and less likely that you will find flights available at 2010 levels.  So, if you’re among those lucky ones who purchased your airline tickets earlier, congratulations!  (I’m jealous.)  For the rest of us, all I can say is that there are still some good deals to be had from the west coast, especially from Hawaiian Airlines.

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