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USAirways Announces Higher Baggage Fees – 2/10/2011

USAirways announced new higher fees for overweight luggage/baggage for anyone who purchased tickets after February 1, 2011 or travel after March 1st.  For travel within the US/Canada/Latin America/Caribbean, you will be charged $90 for bags weighing 51 to 70 lbs each way.  For bags weighing between 71 and 100 lbs, the fee is $175 each way.  Overseas travelers face even higher fees.

These fees are in addition to the standard checked baggage fees of $25 for your first piece, $35 for your second piece, and $125 for your 3rd thru 9th checked bags.  Prior to this change, your 3rd thru 9th bags would have cost an extra $100/bag.  Again, these are fees for travel within the US/Canada/Latin America/Caribbean.

The over-sized bag fee is also raised to $175 per piece, each way.

There are exceptions to the checked baggage fees, including active duty military personnel and frequent fliers who have reached silver, gold, and higher status.  For more information, check out their Frequently Asked Questions section of the USAirways website.

While USAirways is not a major carrier of traffic to Hawaii, the question is will other airlines increase their fees as well?  If history shows us anything, its that they will see how the public reacts…then follow suit.

By the way, do you remember the “fuel surcharge”?   As oil prices continue their rapid increases and with talk of gas hitting $5.00/gallon by the end of 2012, I would not be surprised to see that rear its ugly head once again.  What do you think?

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