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Welcome to My Hawaii Food Fun!

Aloha and welcome to “MyHawaiiFoodFun” blog, the latest information on Hawaii to help make your visit the best it can be!  What makes this blog different from the dozens and dozens of other blogs on Hawaii?

First and foremost, I am not a travel agent, car rental agency, or real estate salesman.  Second, I think you will find this site one of the most up to date and easiest to search of  just about all of them.  And, by up to date, I mean information that isn’t outdated…and, in many cases, inaccurate as I have found on many other sites.

You will find timely posts on activities and attractions throughout Hawaii, as well as some of my favorite recipes, often simplified for ease of making.   Posts are also broken down by islands, so if you know which island you are going to, you can view just those posts concerning activities on that island.

I also will post notices of closings and re-openings of attractions, parks, hiking trails, and other information as I come across them.  I have posts on travel news and situations that you might want to be aware of.

My Hawaii Online Webstore

For those who might be interested, I also have a link to my Amazon-webstore where I have selected books and dvd’s that cover all-things Hawaiian.  That includes cook books, history, culture, guides, plants, fish and animals, as well as, simply entertaining.

You will find books on the legends and ghosts of Hawaii.  Hawaii is filled with stories and encounters with the unexplained…or explained by belief in the many tales handed down for generations.  The Hawaiian Gods include the most famous of them all, Pele, the Volcano Goddess of Fire.

Each Hawaiian island offers something a little different and the ideal island for you will depend upon your interests and what you like to do.  It is my hope that with the aid of the information posted here, that you will be able to pick the best island that fits your interests.

Most Comprehensive Trivia Source

I post a daily twitter trivia post on Hawaii that you might enjoy receiving.  Simply follow me on twitter (@myhawaiifoodfun).  You can also see all previous 400+ posts listed on my trivia page.

If you have a related travel blog or website, maybe you’d even like to provide a link for your readers.  Or, if you simply enjoy learning more about our 50th state, I hope that you will find this blog both informative and entertaining and will share it with your friends and family.

But, mainly, My Hawaii Food Fun was created to share my love for Hawaii and to help visitors make the most of their time there.




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