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Interesting Facts About Hawaii…Did U Know?

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Interesting Facts About Hawaii…as posted daily on Twitter

All information published herein is gathered from sources which are thought  to be reliable, but does not assume  responsibility for errors.

Links to external Web sites are provided as a convenience to visitors and do not necessarily constitute an endorsement.

While an effort is made to keep Interesting Facts About Hawaii updated, there are occasions where updates may be overlooked.  I believe that it is this effort to keep all information as up to date as possible and dating all blog posts, so you know how current the information may be, that sets apart from most blogs and websites on Hawaii.  (For example, I have found most sites still cite Hawaii as producing 2/3rds of the world’s pineapple…a fact that has not been true for over a decade.)

Individual entries on this page, Interesting Facts About Hawaii, are not dated, but the information is updated as I become aware of new information or changes.

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Interesting Facts About Hawaii


504.  Did U Know?  Kauai was the only island NOT conquered by King Kamehameha. King Kaumualii surrendered, avoiding bloodshed a battle would cost.

503.  Did U Know?  The HNL [Honolulu] International Airport handled 17,947,177 passengers in 2011, OCG [Kahului, Maui] over 5 million, and KOA [Kailua-Kona] nearly 3 million.

502.  Did U Know?  HNL [Honolulu] International Airport is served by 31 airlines, including 25 international airlines and is the 27th busiest in the US, 2011.

501.  Did U Know?  The Wilderness Area of Haleakalā Nat’l Park was designated on Oct. 20, 1976 w/ 19,270 acres and expanded to 24,719 acres in 2005.

Interesting Facts About Hawaii…#500

500.  Did U Know?  The International Marketplace closed at the end of 2013, along with the Miramar Hotel, in 2014 to be replaced by an upscale 3-story mall.   The “new” International Market Place is scheduled for opening in the spring of 2016 and will spearhead Waikiki’s  latest round of evolution.

499.  Did U Know? Federal authorities added 20 plant species and three Hawaiian damselfly species found on Oahu to the Endangered Species list.   That brings the total number of protected species to 460 in Hawaii, by far the highest of any state. #endangeredspecies

498.  Did U Know? In addition to the red ‘Alaea sea salt & pure white sea salts, you can also get black salts infused with activated charcoal and green salt infused with bamboo leaf extract.  You can also get Hawaiian sea salts in a variety of flavors and even smoked!

497.  Did U Know?  Kona Sea Salts are 33% lower in sodium than refined table salt and taken from sea water 2200′ deep, then naturally sun dried.

496.  Did U Know?  #Zippy’s has 23 Oahu locations, 1 on Maui in Kahului, and will be opening their first Big Island restaurant in Hilo next summer.  With a Zippy’s Seniors Club card [you must be 65 y/o to apply], you get a 10% discount on the entire check for food at any Zippy’s, Napoleon’s Bakery and Osaka Okazuya.

495.  Did U Know?  That while #Zippy’s Zip Pacs are my personal favorite, they reportedly sell 110 TONS of their chili every month!

494.  Did U Know?  Today [Oct 17, 2012] marks Zippy’s 46th Anniversary! Their first, on McCully St., opened on 10/17/1966. Congratulations #Zippy’s!

493.  Did U Know?   ‘Alaea Sea Salt gets its reddish tint from small amounts of harvested Hawaiian clay (‘Alaea) which adds Iron-Oxide.  ‘Alaea Sea Salt contains unprocessed sea salt rich in natural trace minerals.  Much tastier and healthier than typical processed table salts.

492.  Did U Know?  Filmed in 1963 on #Kauai, starring John Wayne & Lee Marvin, Donovan’s Reef has only recently been released on DVD!

491.  Did U Know?  Pete Jacobs won the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona yesterday, Oct. 13, 2012, with a time of 8 hrs/18 min/33 sec. Congratulations Pete!  Apparently, Aussies love Hawaiian weather.  With Pete Jacobs win, Australians have won the last 6 Ironman World Championships!   Leanda Cave of Arizona won the women’s division of the 2012 Ironman World Championship with a time of 9 hrs/9 min/2 sec.  Congratulations Leanda!

490.  Did U Know?  The Ironman World Championship Tri-athalon is being held TODAY, Oct 13, 2012, in Kailua-Kona…matter of fact, it JUST STARTED!   [The Ironman Tri-athalon kicked off at 6:00 am HST]

489.  Did U Know?  In 1908, Ikua Purdy, great-grandson of John Palmer Parker of Parker Ranch, took top honors at Frontier Days World Championship.  It may have surprised everyone, but John Parker was responsible for bringing Mexican vaqueros to train Hawaiian “paniolos” as early as 1832.

488.  Did U Know?  You need to rent a 4×4 if you really want to see #Lanai, with 400 miles of 4×4 roads, incl the famous Munro trail [which should not be driven after heavy rains due to the excessively slippery conditions…always check ahead of time].

487.  Did U Know?  King Kamehameha V was responsible for the 100’s of (some say 1000) [coconut] trees in #Molokai’s Kapuaiwa Royal Coconut grove.

486.  Did U Know?  A guidebook for the self-guided Lahaina Historic Trail covers 62 historic sites/points of interest at the #Lahaina Visitors Center.

485.  Did U Know?  The wall separating Alekoko “Menehune” Fishpond from Huleia Stream on #Kauai is 900′ long, 5′ high and assembled with lava rock.

484.  Did U Know?  Hawaiian Springs bottled water is sourced from Mauna Loa rains and has a natural purity level of .01 or below on a scale of 1-10.  Personally, I love the look of the Hawaiian Springs bottles! lol

483.  Did U Know?  Mahalo brand bottled water is sourced from 3000 feet below the surface, then filtered of salt, but leaving the trace minerals in.

482.  Did U Know?  You can find Menehune brand Hawaiian bottled water on the mainland, marketed as Ultra Pure Hawaii Water.

481.  Did U Know?  Lomi-lomi salmon was introduced to Hawaii by visiting sailors [using the salted fish that sailors carried for rations] and has long become a staple at luaus, as Hawaiian as kalua pig!

480.  Did U Know?  The Honolulu Aquarium publishes a box-jellyfish calendar showing most probable dates for their presence

479.  Did U Know?  Once a month, the Honolulu Aquarium offers a 2 1/2 hr guided Exploring the Reef at Night program for adults@$18 & children@$12

478.  Did U Know?  In addition to Father Damien, Mother Marianne Cope, his successor, will be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church, on Oct 21st [2012].

477.  Did U Know? One of the most prized possessions you can get from Hawaii is a hand-sewn shell lei from the isolated island of Niihau. A single strand lei may cost just $100, while a multi-strand lei made with rare colored shells can be worth $30,000 or more!

476.  Did U Know?  A FREE Visitor Info Station (VIS) Stargazing Program is held nightly from 6-10 pm at the 9300′ Mauna Kea Onizuka Visitor Center.

475.  Did U Know?  Haleakala National Park, Maui, received approx. 1.3 million visitors in 2011, down from a peak of 1.7 million in 2007.

474.  Did U Know?  Visitors to Puuhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park (Place of Refuge) spent almost $21 million dollars in 2011.

473.  Did U Know?  In 2011, there were approx. 1.35 million visitors to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park who spent about $84 million.  Did U Know, his coming Saturday, September 29, 2012 (National Public Lands Day), is the next FREE park entrance day at our National Parks?

472.  Did U Know?  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has been honored as both an International Biosphere Reserve (1980) and a World Heritage Site (1987).

471.  Did U Know?  There are over 1.6 million visitors to the Arizona Memorial annually or that the USS Arizona sank in only 9 minutes!

470.  Did U Know?  Hanauma Bay is administered by both the C&C of Honolulu (above the high tide line) and State DNLR (below the high tide line).

469.  Did U Know?  Diamond Head attracts over 3000 people a day, that’s over 1 million/year, making it one of the top attractions in the state. Hanauma Bay attracts almost as many visitors as Diamond Head, but only opens 6-days a week.

468.  Did U Know?  The first traffic light in Hawaii was installed in 1936, at Nuuanu Avenue and Beretania Street, Honolulu.

467.  Did U Know?  Just as imports brought the demise to Hawaii’s egg industry, Hawaii now imports up to 80% of its milk products.

466.  Did U Know?   Meadow Gold Dairies Hawaii roots go back to June 1897 when 7 Oahu dairy farms formed a cooperative for a stronger market image. [Meadow Gold is not really a “dairy”, but a milk product processor and distributor, and as such does not operate any farm operations.]

465.  Did U Know?  Hawaii “Longan”, native to southern China, is available all-year compared to the more familiar lychee which is a summer crop.  The Rambutan (hairy lychee) is native to southeast Asia and available in Hawaii from September to March.  Rambutans are significantly higher in carbs & calcium, but much lower in vitamin C & potassium than lychees and longans

464.  Did U Know?  Native to Central America and the Caribbean, the first major introduction of Avacado seedling materials was in #Lahaina in 1853.  ‘Sharwil’ avocados have small seeds & greenish-yellow flesh with a rich, nutty flavor. In HI, many consider Sharwil superior to CA Haas.

463.  Did U Know?  The kukui nut was among the plants brought by early Polynesians to Hawaii and its oil is known for its skin treatment properties.

462.  Did U Know?  In 1778, Capt Cook was killed in a dispute w/native Hawaiians over a stolen row boat while visiting the Kealakekua Bay area.

461.  Did U Know?  Lava trees at the Lava Tree State Park, Puna District, Big Island, were formed during a 1790 lava flow from the East Rift of Kilauea.

460.  Did U Know?  World famous Diamond Head is a United States’ State Monument and is estimated to be a mere 150,000 years old.

459.  Did U Know?   In addition to the more familiar Hawaiian Host and Mauna Loa brands, there are Hawaiian Princess & Hamakua Macadamia Nuts brands.  Both candy manufacturers are located on the Big Island, though Hawaiian Princess got its initial start on the island of Maui.

458.  Did U Know?  Hawaiian Host chocolate covered macadamia nuts got its start in 1960 when Mamoru Takitani arrived in Honolulu from Maui in 1960.  Hawaiian Host introduced the MacNut Crunch in the early 70’s, Maui Caramacs in 1983, and Hawaiian-Honey Glazed Macadamia nuts in 2004.

457.  Did U Know?  Mauna Loa brand macadamia nuts planted its first trees in 1946 and harvested its first commercial crop 10-yrs later.  Did U Know?  The Hershey (Chocolate) Company bought the familiar Mauna Loa brand in 2004.

456.  Did U Know?  The first macadamia nut farm in Hawaii was planted by Ernest van Tassel in 1921, outside of Honolulu.

455.  Did U Know?  Recently, 3 Hawaiian bird species that biologists presumed to be extinct were seen in the Hakalau Forest Nat’l Wildlife Refuge.  The three species are the Hawaii Creeper, Akepa and Akiapola’au. (Hakalau Forest Nat’l Wildlife Refuge is located on the Big Island.)

454.  Did U Know?  While Hawaii has the most endangered birds and plants, in recent years it also leads in saving endangered species.

453.  Did U Know?  James Dole canned 1893 cases of pineapple in 1903, 300,000 cases by ’10, over a million in ’13; all before buying Lanai in 1922.  [Today, commercial pineapple is grown on less than 3000 acres on Maui and Oahu.]

452.  Did U Know?  Kipapa Air Field, built sometime betw’n 1941 and ’43, hosted B-24’s, B-26’s, F-5’s, P-40B &F’s, P-70’s, P-61A &B’s, and C-46D’s and like its beginnings, date of its closing are vague, falling somewhere between 1959 and 1961.

451.  Did U Know?  Construction of Kahuku Air Base started on 12/10/41 and both B-24s & B-17s were based there for short periods of time during WWII.

450.  Did U Know?  Kaanapali Airport was built in 1961 and while a private runway today, it was serviced by JetAire Hawaii and even used by FedEx!

449.  Did U Know?  Port Allen Airport (aka Burns Field) operated on #Kauai from 1939 till 1950 when all flights moved to Lihue Airport.

448.  Did U Know?  There was an Army Air Field, Morse Field, located at South Point [Big Island] from the mid-30’s till post WWII, when decommissioned 1/16/1948.

447.  Did U Know?  The ubiquitous Plumeria is not endemic to Hawaii but rather the tropical [Central & South] Americas, though its leis have become symbolic of Hawaii!

446.  Did U Know?  The widely growing kukui nut (Hawaii state tree) is believed to have been among the plants early Polynesians brought with them.

445.  Did U Know?  In the 1950’s, gov’t officials introduced 11 species of fish and while only 3 survived, they have overrun the indigenous fish… the three species are the Blacktail Snapper (to’au), Peacock Hind (roi) & Blue-stripped Snapper (ta’ape). Sometimes, less is more!

444.  Did U Know?  The first lychee plant brought to Hawaii was imported from China in 1873 by Mr. Ching Chock.  It was planted on the property of Mr. Chun Afong at the corner of Nuuanu and School Streets on Oahu.

From Farmer’s Bookshelf, University of Hawaii,

443.  Did U Know?  The Big Island is known as the #Golf Capital of Hawaii, partly due to having 12 golf courses within 50 miles in west Hawaii

442.  Did U Know? US News Travel ranked Kauai #2 in the world for Best Beaches, and #1 with Maui #2 for Best Honeymoon Destination #Kauai #Maui.   US News Travel, by US News & World Report, also ranked Maui #3 Best Summer Vacation Destination with Kauai #3 Winter Vacation Destination.

441.  Did U Know?  Haleakalā National Park was established in 1916 – within one week of the creation of the National Park Service.

440.  Did U Know?  In addition to numerous observatories on Mauna Kea, “Science City” on Haleakala, Maui, is also home to numerous observatories.

439.  Did U Know? Filipinos now make up the 2nd largest ethnic group in Hawaii, surpassing Japanese sometime between 2008-09, Caucasians remain #1.

438.  Did U Know?  1878 marks the year Portuguese immigrants started arriving in large numbers, by 1913, over 20,000 had made Hawaii their home.

437.  Did U Know?  Chinese in HI grew from 71 in the 1851 Census to 20% of the population by 1893 before their immigration was stopped by 1898.   The US passed the Chinese Immigration Act in 1882 over fears too many arrived in CA and it extended to HI when HI became a territory in 1898.


Did U Know?…

  • 436.  Thirty year old, Clarissa Chun, a graduate of Roosevelt High School, won a Bronze in wrestling (48 kg/105.5 lb class)at the London Olympics, 8/8/2012!  Clarissa won her medal by beating Gold medalist, Irini Merlini of the Ukraine (Gold medalist in 2004 and who beat Clarissa for the Bronze medal in Beijing in 2008), making her win twice as sweet!
  • 435.  William Tripp Woolsey, McKinley High School, in 1952 won a Gold medal on the 800-meter relay swim team & Silver at ’56 Olympics.
  • 434.  William Smith, Maui, won two gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1948 in the 400-m freestyle and in the 4×200 freestyle relay.
  • 433.  Yoshinobu Oyakawa, Hilo High grad, won a gold medal in the 100-meter backstroke at the Olympic Games in Helsinki, 1956.
  • 432.  Ford Hiroshi Konno, won four medals at the 1952 (2 gold/1 silver) and 1956 (Silver) Olympic Games, in 3 swimming events.
  • 431.  Warren Paoa Kealoha won Gold medals in the 100-meter backstroke at the 1920 Olympics and again at the 1924 Olympics.
  • 430.  Pua Kealoha won a gold medal in the 4×200 free-style relay and silver in the 100-meter free-style at the 1920 Olympics.
  • 429.  Evelyn Kawamoto-Konno won two Bronze Medals at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland.
  • 428.  Brothers Manuela & Maiola Kalili won silver as part of the 4×200 freestyle relay team at the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles.
  • 427.  Mariechen Jackson, of Honolulu, won 2 medals at the 1924 Olympics…gold in the 4×100 relay & silver in the 100 m free-style.
  • 426.  Kalama Aiu, a Kaimuki High grad, won a gold medal at the 1948 Olympic Games in the 4 X 100-meter free-style team relay.
  • 425.  Samuel Alapai Kahanamoku finished 3rd in the 100 meters Free-style behind Duke, his older brother, in 1924, winning Bronze.
  • 424.   Clarence “Buster” Crabbe won a bronze medal in the 1928 Olympics in the 1500-meter free-style and…a gold medal at the 1932 Olympics in the 400-meter free-style. At one time, Buster held six world records simultaneously.
  • 423.  Robyn Ah Mow-Santos, McKinley ’93, member of the Women’s Volleyball team in 2000, ’04, and won Silver at the ’08 games/Beijing.
  • 422.  In 1948, Richard Tom one of the first Asian-Americans to be selected to the U.S. weightlifting team, won a bronze medal.
  • 421.  Chris Duplanty, Punahou Class of 1984, was a 3-time Olympian (’88, ’92 & ’96) in water polo. He won silver in the 1988 Olympics.
  • 420.  Tommy Kono was a 3 time Olympic medal winner, 2 Gold in 1952 and Silver in 1960 & holds records in 4 divisions of weightlifting.
  • 419.  Kevin Asano, 1981 Pearl City High School graduate, won the Silver in Extra Lightweight Judo Competition at the 1988 Olympics.
  • 418.  Keala O’Sullivan, born in Honolulu, won Bronze in women’s 3 meter springboard at the 1968 Summer Olympics, Mexico City.
  • 417.  Harold Sakata (better known as Oddjob in James Bond’s Goldfinger) was born in Holualoa and won Silver in weightlifting in 1948 Olympics, London.
  • 416.  David McFaull & Michael Rothwell became HI’s 1st Olympic sailing medalists, winning Silver at the 1976 Montréal Summer Olympics
  • 415.  Castle High School Grad, Bryan Clay, born in TX, but grew up in Honolulu won the Gold Medal in the Decathalon in Beijing, 2008.
  • 414.  Natasha Kai was a member of the Gold Medal winning US Women’s soccer team in Beijing in 2008.
  • 413.  Not only was Duke Kahanamoku an ambassador of surfing, but he also won 5-Gold Medals in swimming at the 1912 Olympics!

412.  Did U Know?  Tunnels Beach (Kauai) beat out Molokini (Maui) in Hawaii Magazine’s recent readers’ poll for best snorkeling locations in Hawaii.

411.  Did U Know?  Algae has the highest production value of aqua-farm products in HI, led by Spirulina (health food), followed by seaweed (#ogo).

410.  Did U Know?  There are over 100 aquaculture-farms in Hawaii located on Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Maui and the Big Island.

409.  Did U Know?  Fish farming was practiced by Polynesian settlers as long as 1000 yrs ago with as many as 400 ponds when Capt Cook arrived in 1776.

408.  Did U Know?  While not certain, the first mango trees (native to India), are believed to have come to HI via Mexico in 1824 or Chile in 1825.

407.  Did U Know?  Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm, #Maui, grows 45 varieties of lavender (apprx. 55,000 plants) is Maui’s first and only Lavender farm.

406.  Did U Know?  The Hawaiian Vanilla Co. in Paauilo, Big Island, is the ONLY commercial grower of vanilla beans, an orchid, in the US.

405.  Did U Know?  The very first Best Beach in America by Dr. Beach in 1991 was Kapalua Bay Beach, Maui.

404.  Did U Know?  Twelve Hawaii beaches have been named America’s Best Beach by Dr. Beach since started in 1991. A beach can only win once.

403.  Did U Know?  Built in 1964, the Mauna Kea was the first golf resort course on the Big Island and the prototype for island course design.

402.  Did U Know?  The Turtle Bay Resort and its golf courses have made the top 100 Golf Digest list of Best Golf Resorts in N. America several yrs.

401.  Did U Know?  The Waikoloa Beach course, Big Island, features the spectacular oceanfront par-five on the 502-yard, twelfth hole.

Interesting Facts About Hawaii…#400

400.  Did U Know?  USGA rated Hapuna Golf Course, Big Island, as one of the most environmentally sensitive courses anywhere in the U.S.

399.  Did U KnowPoipu Bay Golf Course, Kauai, offers special amenities like an in-cart sat-nav that shows distance to the hole and pin placement

398.  Did U Know?  The City/County of Honolulu operates 6 public golf courses, fees for non-residents $25.50/9-holes, $49/18-holes, except Kahuku.  Fees at the Kahuku 9-hole course, 1 round is $13.50, 2 rds for $27.00, no carts available.

397.  Did U Know?  Koolau Golf Club, Oahu, spans 3 distinct climate zones and is carved out of a rain forest on the side of a 2,000′ mountain range

396.  Did U Know?  Kauai Lagoons Golf Club in Lihue, includes the longest stretch of continuous ocean holes of any Hawaii golf course. #Kauai #Golf

395.  Did U Know?  Hawaii Coffee Co., est. 1969, owns Lion Brand Coffee, as well as Royal Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Island Teas. #KonaCoffee

394.  Did U Know?  Hawaii’s first McDonald’s restaurant opened in Aina Haina in 1968.  It was replaced by a new bldg which re-opened on 4/28/11.

393.  Did U Know? L&L (aka Hawaiian Barbeque) grew from 1 location in 1976 (Liliha) to over 200 in 10-states, New Zealand, American Samoa & Japan.

392.  Did U Know?  King Kamehameha’s great cape contains 450,000 yellow feathers of the endangered, endemic mamo bird, found only on Big Island.   Ancient bird-catchers were forbidden from killing rare birds when harvesting desired feathers to preserve them for future generations.

391.  Did U Know?  The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet has been in existence since 1979 and is Hawaii’s premiere outdoor market. Opens most Wed/Sat/Sun.  [Obviously, the Swap Meet does not open when there is a game scheduled at Aloha Stadium.]

390.  Did U Know?  Camping cabins are available for rent at the summit of Mauna Loa and inside Haleakala Crater thru the Nat’l Park Service.

389.  Did U Know?  When the Volcano House first opened for guests in 1816, it cost $1 for a night’s stay.

388.  Did U Know?  Hawaii’s truth-in-labeling law allow for a “premium blend” of 30-50% Kona coffee, but are rarely found – mostly its 10% or 100%.

387.  Did U Know?  Hawaii grows 6-7 million pounds of green coffee beans from just 6500 acres of coffee plants, spread over the 5 major islands.

386.  Did U Know?  You can get some unique honeys in/from Hawaii, such as lehua, macadamia nut, and rare “white honey”

385.  Did U Know?  There are two rum distillers in Hawaii, one on Maui and the other on Kauai

384. Did U Know?  Hawaii’s first brewery was Honolulu Brewing and Malting Company, 1900-1960, known as “Primo” Beer. Remember it?

383.  Did U Know?  Aloha Distillers’ Kona Gold Coffee Liqueur is the ONLY liqueur made from 100% coffee with no additives like chocolate or vanilla.

382.  Did U Know?  When Dole Pineapple stopped growing on Lanai and closed its cannery in Honolulu, thousands of students loss summer jobs.

381.  Did U Know?  A single hotspot in the Pacific created the entire Hawaiian archipelago over 40 million years, as the islands drift at 3.5″/yr.

380.  Did U Know?  The Olona, was the only endemic plant of Hawaii that native Hawaiians farmed for its strong fibers to make cordage and ropes.

379.  Did U Know?  Under native Hawaiian laws/kapus, women were not permitted to eat together with men, nor eat coconuts, bananas, or pork.

378.  Did U Know?  In addition to taro, early Polynesians also brought ti-plants, kukui, noni, ual’a (sweet potato) with them for food and medicine.

377.  Did U Know? That in addition to pigs, dogs, chickens, taro, & bananas, early Polynesians brought sugar cane with them to Hawaii.

376.  Did U Know? While debate continues re: setting an Opihi [Hawaiian limpets] season, current regulations sets a min. 1.25″ diameter shell size, that many ignore.  Good article on research being done to help with opihi regulations (and more)

375.  Did U Know?  Pohole (Maui) or Ho’i’o’ (Big Island), “fern shoots” are edible delights that can be found in the rain forests of most islands.  Here’s a few recipes utilizing this tasty treat

374.  Did U Know?  The ohelo berry is related to the cranberry and is endemic to Hawaii, can be found on Maui and the Big Island.  If you’re not familiar with the Ohelo, you must be careful not to confuse the poisonous Akia berry

373.  Did U Know?  The “poha berry”/Cape Gooseberry is native to Brazil. Seeds were brought to Hawaii prior to 1825.

372.  Did U Know?  There are currently 11 brands of “Hawaiian-style” Portuguese-sausage available. Frank’s Foods (Hilo) uses a beef/pork mixture.

371.  Did U Know?  Purity of Hawaii, makers of island favorite Portuguese sausage was started by brothers Al & Leonard (of Leonard’s Bakery) Rego.

370.  Did U Know?  Redondo’s, a familiar brand of Portuguese sausage and pipikalua was founded in 1949 and is the largest sausage maker in Hawaii.

369.  Did U Know?  Hawaiian Sun, a familiar brand of juices, jams, jellies, & chocolates, was founded in 1952, started by growing & selling papayas.

368.  Did U Know?   The state record Giant Trevally (White Ulua) is 191 lbs., caught off Lahaina, Maui on Jan. 14, 1980.  The state record Omilu (blue fin trevally) is 28 lbs. 8 oz. caught off Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station on New Year’s Eve 2007.

367.  Did U Know?  The state record Black Marlin was caught on July 19, 1980 off Red Hill, Big Island, weighed 1205 lbs.   There have been 127 Pacific Blue and Black marlins weighing 1000 lbs. or more caught in Hawaiian waters, to date.

366.  Did U Know?  The largest Pacific Blue Marlin caught in HI, 6/10/1970, weighed 1805 lbs. Not an IGFA record coz they had assistance landing it.  The IGFA all-tackle world record Pacific Blue Marlin is 1376 lbs., caught on 5/31/1982 off the Big Island of Hawaii.

365.  Did U Know?  The ulu/breadfruit was a valuable plant brought by early Polynesians and for its food, wood for canoes, and medicinal values.  The importance of this plant can be found in its incorporation of the ulu leaf as a key component of Hawaiian quilt designs.

364.  Did U Know? The mountain apple (aka Malay apple) was another fruit brought by early Polynesians was used as food and medicinal uses.

363.  Did U Know?  The lilikoi/passion fruit (native to South America) seed was first brought to HI in 1923, by Mr. E. N. Reasoner from Australia.

362.  Did U Know?  Bananas were among the items brought by Polynesians who discovered Hawaii and by 2000, Hawaii produced 14,000 tons commercially.

361.  Did U Know?  Hawaii is the only state to commercially grow papayas.  Add that to coffee, cacao, vanilla, pineapple, and macadamia nuts.  The Solo-papaya was introduced to HI on Oct. 7, 1911, by Gerritt P. Wilder (of Honolulu) and by 1936 was the only commercially grown papaya.

360.  Did U Know?  The first recorded commercial making of guava jams/jellies in HI started in Poihiki, Puna District, Big Island in 1900.

359.  Did U Know?  The ever popular, ubiquitous mango, native to India and their national fruit. was first introduced to HI in 1824.

358.  Did U Know?  As of July 1, 2015, when Honolulu’s law takes effect, Hawaii will be the first state to ban plastic bags at checkout counters!

357.  Did U Know?  Molokai is home to Hawaii’s longest continuous fringing reef (28 miles), located off Molokai’s southern coast.

356.  Did U Know?   The Big Island covers 4038 sq. miles; 95 miles from north to south, 80 miles from east to west.

355.  Did U Know?  You can view 90% of all the stars visible from earth from Mauna Kea, host to 13 world class telescopes.

354.  Did U Know?  In the 1960’s, Hawaii produced 80% of the world’s canned pineapple; today, Hawaii produces about 2% of the world’s supply.

353.  Did U Know?  Lanai is just 18 miles long, 13 miles wide, with the highest point being the summit of Kanaihale at 3,370 feet above sea level.

352.  Did U Know?  Molokai is the MOST Hawaiian island, where native Hawaiians make up the majority of the islands 7000 residents.

351.  Did U Know?  Since 1970, single & double-glider rides have been available at the north shore’s Dillingham Field, near Kaena Point.

350.  Did U Know?  In an effort to increase survival rates of both Hawkbill and Hono’ea turtles, the Nature Conservancy operates a turtle watch in conjunction with the Nat’l Park Service and US Fish & Wildlife Service at the Conservancy owned Kamehame Beach in Kau, Big Island.  For more information on participating in the turtle watch program, call (808) 982-6090.

349.  Did U Know?  The Nat’l Park Service leads free hikes along the Nature Conservancy’s Waikamoi Preserve’s Bird Loop Trail Mon & Thurs mornings. [Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island]

348.  Did U Know?  The 900′ rock wall that separates the Alekoko Fish Pond from the Huleia Stream is said to have been built by menehunes in 1 nite.  It is not only considered to be an engineering marvel, but is listed on Nat’l Register of Historic Places. #Kauai #MenehuneFishPond.

347.  Did U Know?  Often overlooked Coconut Island and Queen Lilliuokalani Gardens in Hilo offer a nice escape nearby, just off Banyan Drive.  [Not very far from the Hilo Airport]

346.  Did U Know?  The first female Asian-American elected to Congress was Hawaii’s U.S. Representative Patsy Mink, elected in 1964.

345.  Did U Know?  Hawaii’s Senator Hiram Fong was the first U.S. Asian-American senator, elected in 1959.

344.  Did U Know?  Reef Culture Technologies (RCT) of Hawaii, is the first in the world to breed 13 species of reef fish

343.  Did U Know?  Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve has been a Marine Life Conservation District since 1967, with over 1,000,000 visitors annually.

342.  Did U Know?  High Health Aquaculture, est. 1994, the world’s 1st commercial shrimp breeding & broodstock supplier, is located in Kailua-Kona.

341.  Did U Know?  The Waikiki Aquarium has the world’s only public exhibit displaying the rare Peppermint Angelfish, native to waters off Tahiti.

340.  Did U Know?  The Oceanrider Seahorse Farm, in Keahole, Kona, is the world’s first and only dedicated to preserving the endangered seahorse.   You can tour and learn more about the 30 species of seahorses and seadragons Mon – Fri

339.  Did U Know?  US Rep. Mazie Hirono, the late Izzie Kamakawiwoole & ukelele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro are all Kaimuki High School alumni.

338.  Did U Know?  Opened in 1865 as Fort St. English Day School, renamed McKinley High 1907. Several bldgs listed on Nat’l Reg of Historic Places.

337.  Did U Know?  The H-3/Harano Tunnels first opened in Dec. 1997, longest in Hawaii at 4980′ (to Kaneohe) and just short of a mile at 5165′ (from Kaneohe).

336.  Did U Know?  Construction on the Wilson Tunnels began (Jan. 1954) before the Pali Tunnels were opened (’57 & ’61) fueling growth of windward Oahu.  The Wilson tunnels opened in Oct. 1958 and 1960.

335.  Did U Know?  You can see Pao Doce (Portuguese Sweet Bread) baked in a stone-oven every Thurs at the H.N. Greenwell General Store Museum, Kona

334.  Did U Know?  You can go zip-lining or rent a Segway to tour often overlooked Botanical World Gardens & Waterfall, located just north of Hilo.

333.  Did U Know?  You can glide 100′ underwater in pollution-free, electric-powered AtlantisAdventures Submarines in Waikiki, Lahaina and Kona.

332.  Did U Know?  Stand-Up Paddle Boarding originated in the 60’s, when Hawaiian surfing instructors stood up for a better view of students/waves.

331.  Did U Know?  Between 1996-2000, severe attacks of bacterial blight (Xanthomonas) reduced production of anthuriums in Hawaii by over 60%.

330.  Did U Know?  Ho’omaluhia Gardens created by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a flood control project, opened in 1982.  Including plants from regions represented are Hawaii, Philippines, Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Polynesia, Melanesia, Malaysia, & Tropical America.

329.  Did U Know?  #Honolulu has been the capital of Hawaii since 1845, when Kamehameha III moved it from #Lahaina.

328.  Did U Know?   The legend behind the hula credits Laka, goddess of the hula, as creating this art form at Ka’ana, #Molokai. #hula She is celebrated each May on Molokai at a celebration of the birth of hula, called Ka Hula Piko.

327.  Did U Know?  In the last decade, excavations along #Kauai’s south shore show remains of temporary fishing camps dating back to 200-600 A.D.

326.  Did U Know?  The Lyman House in Hilo is the oldest frame structure on the Big Island, built in 1839, was home to missionaries David and Sarah Lyman.  Lyman Museum, next door, is one of only 4 American Assoc. of Museums accredited museums in Hawaii & also affiliated with the Smithsonian.

325.  Did U Know?  #Lahaina, #Maui was named as the first capital of the newly unified Kingdom of Hawaii under King Kamehameha I in 1802.

324.  Did U Know?  The food-truck industry is in full stride on Oahu, reaching 250 trucks.  New law permit them to park up to 3-hrs in one location.

323.  Did U Know?  Hawaii is the world leader of genetically engineered seed-corn, producing 10,000 lbs annually…all of which is shipped overseas.

322.  Did U Know?  Kawaiaha’o Church is O’ahu’s oldest (dedicated 7/21/1842) & largest church as well as the location of the tomb of King Lunalilo

321.  Did U Know?  On Dec. 7 1941, two fire captains and a hoseman from the Honolulu Fire Dept. were killed & 6 others injured at Pearl Harbor.   These 9 firefighters were awarded the Purple Heart, making them the only civilian US firefighters ever given this military award.

320.  Did U Know?  It was in 1967 that Hanauma Bay was declared a Marine Life Conservation District and today, approx. 3000 people visit daily.

319.  Did U Know?  Kamehameha III hosted one of the largest luaus in 1847, including 271 hogs, 482 large calabashes of poi, 3,125 salt fish, 1,820 fresh fish, and more.

318.  Did U Know?  The popular #LUAU gets its name from the taro-leaf & chicken, baked-in-coconut-milk dish – “lu’au”, which means leaf of the taro.

317.  Did U Know?   It is illegal to burn trash/leaves/etc. in your yard anywhere in Hawaii!  Doing so can cost you up to $10,000 in fines per day!

316.  Did U Know?  Between 1983-91, a series of lava flows buried 181 houses and 8 miles of road both inside and outside the Volcanoes Nat’l Park.   The last remaining house (#182) in the Royal Gardens subdivision in Kalapana was finally buried last month, on Mar. 3, 2012.

315.  Did U Know?  Due to its isolation, more than 90% of the state’s native flora are found only in the Hawaiian Islands.

314.  Did U Know?  The yellow-to-maroon colored Ohelo berry is a relative of the blueberry.

313.  Did U Know?  Matson Navigation Co. ran 6 cruise-liners (“white ships”) betw’n CA, HI, S. Pacific, New Zealand & Australia from 1927 to 1978.   William Matson opened the Moana Hotel in 1901 (first hotel in Waikiki) and planned & built the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, which opened in 1927.

312.  Did U Know?  When the Mauna Kea Beach Resort opened in 1965, it was the most costly hotel ever built at $15 million! (rm w/brkfst-dinner $43)   The most recent renovations to the Mauna Kea Beach Resort, finished in Dec. 2008 cost $150 million!  This after earlier renovations in 1994-5.

312.  Did U Know?  The 356 room Kauai Marriott Resort opened in 1995 as the 1000th Marriott property.  In 2010, the Kauai Marriott Resort on Kalapaki Beach completed a $50-Million renovation that transformed all areas of the oceanfront resort.

311.  Did U Know?  The 720 room Maui Marriott Resort opened in 1981 as the 100th Marriott hotel and their first property in Hawaii.

310.  Did U Know?  Bank of Hawaii first opened on Dec. 27, 1897 w/$400,000 and today is the largest independent financial institution in Hawaii.

308.  Did U Know?  First Hawaiian Bank, subsidiary of BancWest Corp., is the oldest & largest bank in Hawaii, opening in 1858.

307.  Did U Know?  While Lahaina gets all the press, #Kahului is #Maui’s epicenter for business, shopping, and main airline & cruise entry point.

306.  Did U Know?  Hawaii was the first state to legalize abortions in 1970.

305.  Did U Know?  Ali’iolani has been home to the Hawaii Supreme Court since it first moved in back in 1874.

304.  Did U Know?   Niihau was purchased for $10,000 from King Kamehameha IV by Elizabeth Sinclair in 1863.

303.  Did U Know?  King Kamehameha III changed traditional Hawaiian land usage (Ahupua’a) to fee-simple ownership in 1845, allowing foreign ownership.

302.  Did U Know?  It was King Kamehameha II who ended the taboo system, ordered all heiaus be destroyed & abolished the traditional Hawaiian religion.

301.  Did U Know?  Alexander Cartwright was not only the father of modern baseball, but he also founded the Honolulu Fire Dept. [and served as its 2nd fire-chief].

Interesting Facts About Hawaii #300.

300.  Did U Know?  The first Love’s bakery opened in Nuuanu in the 1850’s by Robert Love, a baker and native of Scotland who arrived in HI in 1851.

299.  Did U Know?  Leonard’s Bakery, Hawaii’s home to the malasadas, first opened in 1952 and moved to its present location in Kapahulu in 1957.

298.  Did U Know?  Diamond Bakery, founded in 1921, has been making Hawaiian Soda, Graham, Saloon Pilot and Royal Creem crackers since 1937.

297.  Did U Know?  The Waikiki Shell, outdoor amphitheater located in Kapiolani Park has amazing acoustics and seats up to 2400 + 6000 lawn seats.  Construction on the Waikiki Shell started in 1954, it was completed and opened in 1956.

296.  Did U Know?  Tripler Army Hospital was dedicated in 1948 and with a 1000 bed capacity is the largest military medical facility in the Pacific.  For those not familiar with it, its that sprawling pink facility that you see on the mountain side as you fly into Honolulu International.

295.  Did U Know?  The Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort & Spa with 3,386 rooms and 7 towers, is the 14th largest hotel in the world! Originally named the Kaiser Hawaiian Village after industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, opened in 1957.  Remember all those [distinctive] pink construction equipment [and Jeep rentals]?

294.  Did U Know?  Native Hawaiians must have mixed feelings about Prince Kuhio, he won passage of the Haw’n Homes Act, but was also pro-statehood.   In 1895, he participated in an attempt to overthrow the Republic of Hawaii, was found guilt of treason and sentenced to a year in prison.  In 1919. while serving as delegate to the US, Kūhiō introduced in Congress the first-ever Hawaii Statehood Act.

293.  Did U Know? Damaging tsunamis struck Hawaii in 1837, 1841, 1868, 1869, 1877, 1883, 1906, 1918, 1923, 1933, 1946, 1957, 1960, 1975 and 2011.   Of these, only two were caused by Hawaiian earthquakes in 1868 and 1975.  All others were from earthquakes in other Pacific rim locales.

292.  Did U Know?  Since 1950, 5 major hurricanes have struck Hawaii, Nina in ’57, Dot in ’59, Estelle in ’86, Iwa in ’82, and Iniki in ’92.   Hurricane Iwa did an est. $234 Million in damages, while [Hurricane] Iniki damage was estimated at $2.3 Billion w/130 mph winds, just making it a Category 4

291.  Did U Know?  Old Honolulu Airport [south side] opened on 3/21/1927, the current Honolulu International Airport [north side] opened in 1962. Do you remember the old airport?

290.  Did U Know?  The area we know as Ala Moana was once duck ponds and marshes, just like the area called Waikiki was, and was known as “Kalia”.

289.   Did U Know?  In addition to the humu-humu–nuku-nuku-apu-a-a, there are 8 additional species of trigger-fish in Hawaiian waters.

288.  Did U Know?  That there is a 10″ min size limit for #papio/ulua caught in HI? Based on youtube videos, apparently many locals don’t.   Did U Know it is illegal to keep any aholehole or manini that are less than 5″ long?  Or any oio(bonefish) less than 14″ long? It is.   It is also illegal to keep any kumu less than 10″, moano must be at least 7″, but you can keep 50 weke under 7″ [oama], so its important to know the difference. [Interested in shore fishing? Check out for some of the best fishing videos on the net, including a Fishing Hawaiian Style category.]

287.  Did U Know?  The Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki is owned by the Kamehameha Schools, providing them with an excellent income source.

286.  Did U Know?  Hawaii’s economy was based on sandalwood, then whaling, then pineapple and sugarcane, and now military and tourism spending.

285.  Did U Know?  The Honolulu Zoo began as a grant from King Kalakaua in 1876, became permanently established in 1896

284.  Did U Know? You can golf the 18-hole, Arnold Palmer/Ed Seay designed Hapuna Golf Course in Kohala, from just $75, a Kona bargain! #golfHawaii   You can golf the Robt. Trent, Jr. designed Waikoloa Village Golf Club, named Best Golf Course by North Hawaii News for 2010, from $83.50.

283.  Did U Know?  One of the many extinct animals of Hawaii was the Giant Hawaiian Goose which grew to 4 times the size of a Nene goose!

282.  Did U Know?  The Hawaiian Nene goose is the rarest goose on earth. In 1952, there were only 30 known to be alive, today there are 1300.

281.  Did U Know?  The Sea Mountain Golf Course is the southernmost golf course in the US, located at Punaluu, black sand beach, Kau, Big Island.

280.  Did U Know?  You can play the 9-hole, Par 36, #Kukuiolono Golf Course on Kauai’s south shore for just $9! Carts $9! driving range $2/bucket!

279.  Did U Know?  There are 40 species of sharks that swim in Hawaiian waters; from deep sea pygmy sharks to 50′ whale sharks.

278.  Did U Know?  Fear of Japanese overrunning Hawaii during WWII led to the issuance of special “HAWAII” Overprint $1, $5, $10, $20 bills.  These OVERPRINT notes had brown treasury seals and HAWAII in outlined block printed on the reverse side could be declared void if overrun.   In addition to having special currency printed for use in Hawaii during WWII, individuals were limited to $200/businesses $500 in cash.

277.  Did U Know?  The race for President between J.F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960 was so close, it came down to a re-count in Hawaii!

276.  Did U Know?  In spite of the popularity of tv series Hawaii Five-0, Hawaii is the only state NOT to have a State police department!

275.  Did U Know?  Formed in 1936 as the “King’s Band”, the Royal Hawaiian Band is the ONLY full-time municipal band in the US!

274.  Did U Know?  By law, #Hawaii must generate 70% of its energy from renewable sources by the year 2030; incl wind, solar, biomass & waste energy.

273.  Did U Know?  You can kayak/snorkel in Kealakekua Bay, but need a permit to land at Kaawaloa (Captain Cook Monument), which is British soil.

272.  Did U Know?  In addition to the usual snorkeling boat tours to #Molokini Crater, experienced kayakers can also #kayak there (8.5 mi rd-trp)

271.  Did U Know?  The strawberry guava, introduced to Hawaii in 1825 from Brazil for its fruit and wood, now threatens to overrun native forests.

270.  Did U Know?  There are 9 lighthouses & 33 minor lighthouses located throughout Hawaii. #Hawaii-lighthouses.

269.  Did U Know?  The #Kaloko fishpond [Kona] is 5-times larger than the avg fishpond built in Hawaii w/walls 6.5′ high, 30-40′ wide and 250′ long

268.  Did U Know?  Hawaii was first connected with the mainland via the underwater Pacific Cable on 12/28/1902 (from Waikiki to San Francisco).   The first message was telegraphed on Jan 1, 1903 to President Teddy Roosevelt. Used until 10/1951, obsolete, it remains on the ocean floor.

267.  Did U Know?  The original #Lahaina Lighthouse was first lit on Nov. 4, 1840 and was the first lighthouse not just in Hawaii, but in the Pacific!

266.  Did U Know?  The famous #Road-to-Hana, on #Maui is 52 (+/-) miles, but includes 600 curves, 59 bridges, of which 46 are one-lane wide.

265.  Did U Know?  Dec. 2011 had the highest visitor spending of $1.298 Billion ever recorded, with 2011 the 2nd highest year at $12.581 Billion.

264.  Did U Know?  The lowest recorded temperature in Hawaii is 11F as recorded on Haleakala in 1961. (12 F was recorded at Mauna Kea on 5/17/79)  Correction: In 1970 on Mauna Kea on the Big Island, 1.4 degrees F/-17 degrees C

263.  Did U Know?  #Lanai is 18 miles long, 13 miles wide (141 sq.mi.) making it the 6th largest of the main Hawaiian Islands.

262.  Did U Know?  At 38 mi long and 10 miles wide, #Molokai is the 5th largest of the main Hawaiian Islands.

261.  Did U Know?  At 17-miles long, Polihale Beach on west Kauai is the longest beach in Hawaii and marks the beginning of the NaPali sea-cliffs.

260.  Did U Know?  Japanese in HI usually celebrate a man’s 40th and 60th birthdays; tradition also calls for celebrating 77th and 88th birthdays!   The women in Japan also celebrate their 19th and 33rd to ward off bad luck believed to accompany those years. Check out   Additional celebrations for both men & women at ages 70, 77, 80, 88, 90, and 99

259.  Did U Know?  Mention Dec. 7th, 1941, and all focus goes to the USS’s Arizona and Oklahoma, but [its just as important to remember that] 6 battleships survived to fight!

258.  Did U Know?   Formed in 1936, as the “King’s Band”, the Royal Hawaiian Band is the only full-time municipal band in the US!

257.  Did U Know?   #Kauai is host to 10 golf courses at seven venues, incl courses by Jack Nicholas & Robert Trent, Jr. #HawaiiGolf

256.  Did U Know?  Army Museum of Hawaii is home to “Battery Randolph”, built in 1911, w/two-14″ guns to protect Honolulu Harbor

255.  Did U Know?  The free “Sunset on the Beach” movies in #Waikiki has been a weekend event since 2001, attributed to former mayor, Jeremy Harris.

254.  Did U Know?  The Big Island of Hawaii is subjected to 10-30 earthquakes daily, though most are too small to be noticed.

253.  Did U Know?  The #Honolulu Fish Auction (which started in August 1952) is the only fish auction between Tokyo & Maine.

252.  Did U Know?  #Kilauea has a history of explosive eruptions which could resume at any time, ending the peaceful phase.

251.  Did U Know?  Hawaii does not require a salt-water fishing license, but you should still know the size/bag limits

250.  Did U Know?  The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers over 150 miles of hiking trails from sea-level to the 13,379′ summit of Mauna Loa.

249.  Did U Know?  The Great Kau Earthquake of 1868, a series of strong quakes hit Kau (Big Island), the largest estimated at 7.1 on  March 28th, 7.9 on April 2nd and 7.7 on April 4th.  The resulting tsunami wave killed 62 and wiped out every house at Honuapo. Between Mar 28 and April 11, over 2000 distinct shocks were felt.

248.  Did U Know?  The popular “huli-huli” chicken was introduced by Ernest Morgado, former head of Pacific Poultry, in 1955, his mother’s recipe.   Morgado once held the Guinness Book World Record for the largest chicken BBQ, 46,386 chicken halves at an Iolani School fund-raiser in 1981.

247.  Did U Know?  The Kona crab, Ranina serrata, is found not only in Hawaii, but also in Australia…yes, Australia!

246.  Did U Know?  You can access a number of live webcams around Oahu, incl popular surfing sites at

245.  Did U Know?   There are only 4 egg producing farms and only 1 chick hatchery remaining in Hawaii.  Support them & get fresher eggs…Buy local!  Eggs brought in from the mainland may be slightly cheaper, but Did U Know they may be 10-14 days old before reaching the store!  [Another good reason to support your local farmers!]

244.  Did U Know?  In 1980, there were about 2 dozen milk dairies in Hawaii, today there are only 2 remaining, both located on the Big Island.

243.  Did U Know?  There were 5 internment camps that held 1200-1400 WWII detainees + apprx 1000 family members on Oahu(2), Kauai, Maui, Big Island.

242.  Did U Know?  You can learn Japanese Tea Ceremonies and Tokokai Calligraphy at the Japanese Cultural Center, in Honolulu

241.  Did U Know?  It is believed that the first settlers arrived in Hawaii between 800-1000 AD from the Marquesas or other east Polynesian islands.

240.  Did U Know?  The famous “Seven Sacred Pools” on #Maui is part of the #Haleakala National Park.  The park goes from sea to summit at 10,023′

239.  Did U Know?  The USGS #Hawaii #Volcano Observatory celebrates its 100th Anniversary this month. Learn more at   Kïlauea has erupted 48 times in those 100 yrs, with a nearly continuous flank eruption since 1983 and an ongoing summit eruption since 2008.   Mauna Loa has erupted 12 times since 1912, including the 1984 eruption that came within 4 miles of Hilo.

238.  Did U Know?  Kalanikupule fought (and loss to) Kamehameha not once, but twice, [first] at Iao Valley on Maui and again at the Nuuanu Pali on Oahu.  Kalanikupule was placed in charge on Maui while his father, chief Kahekili, was living on Oahu after defeating the Oahu forces 7-yrs earlier.

237.  Did U Know?  There was a second Place of Refuge on the Big Island located in Waipio Valley, the other being Puʻuhonua O Honaunau in Kona.

236.  Did U Know?  The population of #Hana, #Maui is less than 1300, yet has 7 churches; incl 3 Catholic, 1 Buddhist, 2 Congregational,[and one] 7th Day Adventist [church].

235.  Did U Know?  The #Lahaina Jodo Mission boasts a 12-feet tall copper & bronze statue of Amida Buddha, the largest of its kind outside Japan.

234.  Did U Know? The largest rubber-lined water reservoir in the world is in Kualapuu, Molokai, holding over 1,000,000,000 gallons.

233.  Did U Know?  Chinese New Year is based upon the lunar calendar and celebrates the end of winter, starting the first new moon in January.

232.  Did U Know?  The Kilauea lighthouse on #Kauai contains the world’s largest clamshell-shaped lens, was deactivated in 1976.

231.  Did U Know?  While anthuriums are typically associated w/Hawaii, they are native to Central/South America & [were] brought to Hawaii in the late 1800’s.

230.  Did U Know?  There are 266 freshwater reservoirs of various sizes up to 400 surface acres, throughout Hawaii, only a few offer public fishing.

229.  Did U Know?  You can get info on 118 trails (hiking, biking, and equestrian) via the Na Ala Hele Trail & Access System

228.  Did U Know?  The trail to the summit of Diamond Head is .8 mile long, the last .1 mile is steep stairs, and takes 1.5-2 hours to complete.

227.  Did You Know?  #Haleakala National Park has more endangered species than any other park in the Nat’l Park Service, incl NON-native species!

226.  Did You Know?  You pass thru as many ecological zones on a 2-hr drive to the summit of Mt. Haleakala as you would driving from Mexico to Canada.

225.  Did U Know?  The HVNP [Hawaii Volcanoes National Park] offers educational presentations every Thurs at 7pm @Kilauea Visitors Center. Cost: $2 donation + park entrance fees.

224.  Did U Know?   Only two butterflies found in Hawaii are native; the Kamehameha Butterfly (Hawaii’s state insect) and the Blackburn’s blue.

223.  Did U Know?  #Maui is home to 14 golf courses, many of which you will find on virtually all the “Top Golf Courses” lists.

222.  Did U Know?  #Oahu has a total 34 golf courses; including 20 private, nine for military personnel and five municipal.

221.  Did U Know? There are 3 species of Silverswords found in Hawaii: the Haleakala, the Mauna Kea, and the Kau or Mauna Loa.

220. Did U Know?  Often overlooked because of its location on Lanai, Hulope Bay, a marine preserve, is one of the best snorkel/dive spot in Hawaii

219.  Did U Know?  According to the 2010 US Census, Pearl City is larger than Hilo with a population of 47,698 versus 43,263 [technically taking over the 2nd largest city in Hawaii title.]

218.  Did U Know?  The Hawaiian language has only 12 letters [A,E,I,O,U, H, K, L, M, N, P, W], but still managed to come up with humuhumunukunukuapua`a, the unofficial state fish.

217.  Did U Know?  Hawaiʻi is said to have been named for Hawai’iloa, the legendary Polynesian navigator who first discovered it.

216.  Did U Know?  Hawaii became an official territory of the United States on February 22, 1900. (Of course, statehood was on Aug. 21, 1959.)

215.  Did U Know?  It wasn’t until 1848 and the Great Mahele, under Kamehameha III, that private property was permitted in Hawaii.

214.  Did U Know?  Hawaii was a British Protectorate until 1816, which is why that state flag incorporates the Union Jack as part of its design.

213.  Did U Know?  The Big Island of Hawaii is the only place in the world where the 3 major infusion beverages are grown – coffee, tea and cocoa.

212.  Did U Know? #Helena’s Hawaiian Food originally opened in 1946, is now run by grandson Craig Katsuyoshi, remains a local favorite Hawaiian food eatery.

211.  Did U Know?  #Hilo was last threatened by a lava flow as recently as 28 years ago, in 1984, stopping just a few miles from the city.

210.  Did U Know?  Hawaii’s streams are home to five native fishes (4 endemic and 1 indigenous), 2 endemic crustaceans and 3 endemic mollusks.

209.  Did U Know?  It is estimated that there are 2000 species of marine mollusks in Hawaiian waters, of which approx. 20% are endemic to Hawaii.

208.  Did U Know?  There are approx. 450 species of reef fish in Hawaiian waters, 27% of which are endemic to Hawaii.

207.  Did U Know?  The Hawaiian Monk Seal and Hawaiian Hoary Bat found in Kokee State Park, Kauai, are the only 2 endemic (found only) mammals in Hawaii.

206.   Did U Know?  Hawaii is the only state to have never seen Zero Degrees F!  As a matter of fact, the second lowest recorded temperature is 12F, Mauna Kea, May 17, 1979.   [This entry originally said this was the lowest temperature, until I found out that 11F was recorded at Haleakala in 1971.]

205.  Did U Know?  Of the 13 climate zones on earth, 11 are found on the Big Island, and you can experience all of them in a day, albeit a very long day.

204.  Did U Know?  Average rainfall in #Hilo (the wettest city in the US) is 129″ a year, while #Kailua-Kona averages less than 10″ annually.

203.  Did U Know?  The Hawaiian State rainfall record for a 24-hr period occurred on Kauai at 38″ during one torrential 24-hour period in 1958.

202.  Did U Know?  There are 19 scheduled PGA sponsored tournaments on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island for 2012.

201.  Did U Know?  The Honolulu Polo Club, member of the US Polo Association since 1986, plays on Sundays in Waimanalo, tickets are only $3.

More Interesting Facts About Hawaii…

200Did U Know?  There were 3 “train” wrecks; killing 11, injuring 32, in Wailuku and Hana, Maui, and Waikakalaua Gulch, Oahu, between 1884-1922.

199.  Did U Know? The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory uses 100% Hawaii grown cacao beans, ALL other chocolates are a blend of various regions.

198.  Did U Know?  Being the most isolated islands in the world, more than 90% of the native plants and animals in Hawaii are found nowhere else. [Unfortunately, more and more invasive species are finding their way into Hawaii and many are a threat to native species.]

197.  Did U Know?  Molokai is 25 miles southeast of Oahu. From the eastern end of the island, it’s only 8 miles across the Pailolo Channel to Maui.

196.  Did U Know?  John Wayne made 5 films in Hawaii between 1951 and 1963.  Can you name them?  [Operation Pacific, 1951,  The High and the Mighty 1954, The Sea Chase 1955, Donavan’s Reef 1963, and In Harm’s Way 1963.]

195.  Did U Know?  The Maui Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline offers 8 lines including the longest & fastest in Hawaii, at 3200′ in length and up to 60 mph!

194.  Did U Know?  Lawa’i Garden, Kauai, claims the world’s largest collection of rare & endangered plants, just the Herbarium holds 26,000 species.  The Lawa’i and Alberton Garden (originally planted by Queen Emma), together comprise the National Botanical Garden near Poipu, Kauai.

193.  Did U Know?  There have been over 50,000 coconuts mailed from the Hoolehua Post Office on Molokai, since [it first started] promoting it in 1991.

192.  Did U Know?  There are two Capt. Cook Memorials in Hawaii; the most well known in Kealekekua Bay, on the Big Island, where he was killed… The second [and lesser known] is located at Waimea Bay, Kauai, where he first discovered Hawaii, a replica of one in his hometown of Whitby, England.

191.  Did U Know?  While Molokini gets all the notoriety on Maui, the Ahihi Kinau Bay & Nature Preserve also offers excellent snorkeling from shore.

190.  Did U Know?  Kawaihao Church, [in Honolulu], was built between 1936-42, out of 14,000 coral slabs each weighing 1000+ lbs, quarried by hand 10-20′ underwater

189.  Did U Know?  The 9′ Lotus Buddha is the largest, wooden Buddha carved in over 900 yrs!  The temple is a replica of the Byodo-In, Uji, Japan.

188.  Did U Know?   The original Hawaii International Surfing Competition was held at Makaha from 1954-70, in ’71 it moved to the Pipeline on the North Shore.  The FIRST Triple Crown of Surfing Competition was held in 1983.

187.  Did U Know?   When Pan Am started flights to Hawaii from California in 1935, the flight took 17-hours!  Jet service did not start till 1959.

186.  Did U Know?  The kapu system came to an end under young King Liholiho, aka King Kamehameha II, and step-mother Ka’ahumanu in 1819.

185.  Did U Know?  King Kauikeaouli (Kamehameha III) declared Dec. 31, 1849, as a day of Thanksgiving, 14 years before it was [officially] a holiday in the US.

184.  Did U Know?  Hawaiians had their own version of Thanksgiving, Makahiki, during which no war was waged and feasts and games were conducted

183.  Did U Know?  The first automobile was brought to Hawaii in 1899…that same year, Honolulu got its first taxi!

182.  Did U Know?   Ka Lae, South Point, on the Big Island is the southernmost point in the USA, and has an almost continuous 27 mph wind blowing

181.  Did U Know?  While Waialeale Mountain, Kauai, averages 488″ of rain a year is the 2nd wettest spot on earth [ref: Guiness World Records], the top of West Maui Mountain gets over 400″.

180.  Did U Know?  Maui’s Chamber of Commerce has issued Maui Trade Dollars (valued at $2), used as currency at participating merchants, since 1992.  [Each year features a different animal and they have become collector’s items.]

179.  Did U Know?  It was the tsunami of April 1, 1946 that brought an abrupt end to much of the railroad service in Hilo and the Big Island.

178.  Did U Know?   There were at least 19 railroads on the Big Island, starting with Hilo Railroad Company in 1899, primarily to serve sugar mills.

177.  Did U Know?  THE Banyan tree in Lahaina was brought from India in 1873. It was a mere 8′ tall vs the 50′ tree which spans roughly 200′ today

176.  Did U Know?  The Ala Wai Canal was dredged to drain the wetlands and allow filling in of what is now Waikiki…in 1924.

175.  Did U Know?  KC Drive Inn, Hawaii’s first drive-in restaurant, opened in 1927 at Ala Wai & Kalakaua, later moved to Kapahulu, [and] closed in 2005.

174.  Did U Know?  The forerunner to Hawaiian Airlines, Inter-Island Airways, Ltd., first started scheduled operation in 1929.

173.  Did U Know?  The term “Aloha Shirt” was first registered and shirts first advertised by Ellery Chun, who had a store on King Street, in 1936.

172.  Did U Know?  The Kodak Hula Show ran from 1937 to 2002 at the Waikiki Shell and entertained more than 17 million visitors in its 65 year run.

171.  Did U Know?  When visiting Iolani Palace, its easy to forget that when built in the late 1800’s, it had a commanding view of Honolulu harbor.

170.  Did U Know?  Up to 95% of maile used in leis in Hawaii are imported, Mahi’ai ‘Ihi in Wailea [Big Island] is hoping to change that as 1st commercial grower.

169.  Did U Know?  The familiar Aloha Brand Shoyu was started by 5 Japanese families back in 1946 and now has a 65% marketshare in Hawaii.

168.  Did U Know?  The advantage of Mauna Kea tours vs Haleakala tours is that Mauna Kea promotes sunsets, rather than sunrises, so you can sleep in! [Star gazing versus sunrises, both beautiful at over 10,000′ altitude.]

167.  Did U Know?  There are 22 dive/snorkel companies in Kona that offer a Manta Ray night dive.

166.  Did U Know?  Pearl Ridge opened Uptown ’72 and Downtown ’76, divided by Sumida watercress farm, is Hawaii’s largest enclosed shopping center.

165.  Did U Know?  Honolulu’s Rainbow Drive-In celebrated its 50th anniversary this year (2012) and remains a popular local eatery!

164.  Did U Know?  #Hilo’s Cafe 100 has been in its current location since 1962, famous for its #loco-moco, now offered in 25 variations!

163.  Did U Know?  Cacao beans were introduced to Hawaii in 1850, growing ceased w/price drop after WWI, and re-started in 1992 on Big Island.   Since the turn of the century, growing cacao beans has spread to Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Lanai, and Molokai, in addition to the Big Island.

162.  Did U Know?  There are 3 goat farms that produce goat cheese in Hawaii; Surfing Goat on Maui, Kauai Kunana, and Hawaii Island Goat Dairy.   Rainbow Ridge Farm on Maui raises their own goats to produce a line of 16 different goat milk soaps.

161.  Did U Know?  The Falls of Clyde, a National Historic Landmark since 1989, is the last iron-hulled, sail-driven oil tanker in existence.   You can help donate funds for the restoration of the Falls of Clyde by the Friends of Falls of Clyde (FFC)

160.  Did U Know?  Hawaii offers hunting for 4 kinds of pheasant, 3 kinds of quail, 3 types of doves, grouse, chukar, 3 kinds francolins and turkey.

159.  Did U Know?  Hawaii offers hunting for Mouflon and feral sheep, mouflon-feral sheep hybrids, feral goats and pigs, axis and black-tail deer.

158.  Did U Know?  The Hawaiian language has 31 different names for the various phases of the moon.

157.  Did U Know?  Teaching in Hawaiian in school was banned in 1896 and only legalized in 1996.  Today, there are 21 full Hawaiian [language] immersion public schools in the state.

156.  Did U Know? At its present rate of growth, Honolulu should top 1,000,000 in population by the year 2014! [My estimate, not US Census Bureau]

155.  Did U Know?  According to the US Census, as of July, 2010, there were 30,903 people over the age of 85 in Hawaii, of which 19,271 were women.

154.  Did U Know?  The state of Hawaii and each island has its own “color” and “flower” which are helpful in identify floats during parades.

Hawai’i The official color is Red.
Maui The official color is Pink.
O’ahu The official color is Golden Yellow.
Kaua’i The official color is Purple.
Moloka’i The official color is Green.
Lana’i The official color is Orange.
Ni’ihau The official color is White.
Kaho’olawe The official color is Gray.

153.  Did U Know?  The Palace Theater in Hilo was built in 1925, the largest outside of Honolulu and continues to operate today.

152.  Did U Know?   The Missionaries in old Lahaina are credited with the creation of the muumuu, a stylized-nightgown to cover the native women.

151.  Did U Know?  The Honolulu Orchestra is the oldest orchestra in the US west of the Rockies, formed in 1900, and planned to re-start this fall [2011].

150.  Did U Know?   At one time, there were 5 drive-in theaters on Oahu, the last to close was Kam Drive-In in 1998

149.  Did U Know?   Aloha Stadium opened in 1975/Honolulu Stadium (home of the AAA [Hawaii] Islanders ball team and dirt track stock car racing) razed in 1976.

148.  Did U Know?  The Oahu Railway & Land Co. operated in west & central Oahu from 1887 thru 1947.  Take a ride on Sundays [on a restored stretch of track].

147.  Did U Know?  In 1845, the capital of Hawaii was moved from #Lahaina, Maui to #Honolulu by King Kamehameha III.

146.  Did U Know?  Tobacco was first grown in Hawaii in 1813 with the 1st commercial attempt on #Kauai in 1851, which failed due to tobacco worms. [Just another “first” for Kauai, like sugar and coffee.]

145.  Did U Know?  Aloha Friday’s officially began in 1966 when Bank of Hawaii lead the way after being convinced by the Hawaiian Fashion Guild.

144.  Did U Know?  It was 1963, when Robert Taira opened King’s Bakery with its signature King’s Hawaiian Sweetbread!

143.  Did U Know? The first commercial harvest of macadamia nuts was made in 1956.

142.  Did U Know?  The first #Zippy’s was on S. King St. and McCully, opened in 1966 by brothers Charles and Francis Higa. Named for new[ly instituted] “zip” codes.

141.  Did U Know?  Groundbreaking for the first building on the University of Hawaii Hilo Campus was held in 1954.

140.  Did U Know?  In 1940, Kiyoshi “Keo” Nakama of Maui, won 5 gold medals at Pan American Games and held 27 US titles from 110yds to 1500 meters.

139.  Did U Know?  The feathered cape of King Kamehameha the Great contains the feathers of approx. 80,000 birds; now on display at Iolani Palace

138.  Did U Know?  There are over 70 species of whales & a 40-ft Sperm whale skeleton on display at the #Whaler’s Village Museum in #Lahaina, Maui.

137.  Did U Know?  The 30-acre Liliuokalani Gardens in Hilo is the largest true ornamental Japanese park outside Japan, created in the early 1900’s

136.  Did U Know?  The Bishop Museum website has a special section giving tips for preserving various materials

135.  Did U Know?   The Ala Moana Shopping Cntr opened in 1959 as the largest shopping mall in the US (now 15th), 56 Million+ people visit annually.

134.  Did U Know?  #Queen’s Medical Center was started in 1859 by Queen Emma & King Kamehameha IV is the largest private hospital in #Hawaii.

133.  Did U Know?  The Leper Colony at Kalaupapa, Molokai, was created in 1866 by King Kalakaua (Kamehameha IV) beginning with 9 men, 4 women.

132.  Did U Know?  The #International-Marketplace was founded in 1956. Original elements incl Hawaiian Halau, Japanese Tea House & Esplanade bldgs.

131.  Did U Know?  The first #Ironman Competition was held in Honolulu in 1977 w/just 15 entrants; moved to #Kailua-Kona in ’81  [The Ford Ironman Competition today is limited to 1500 entrants.]

130.  Did U Know?  Hawaii’s Art in Public Places program, [was] the first such law [that] requires 1% of construction budgets of every public building go to art.

129.  Did U Know?  The #Bishop Museum was established in 1889, starting with personal collections of Princess [Bernice] Pauahi Bishop & today houses 24 million+ items!

128.  Did U Know?  Christ Church Episcopal in #Kealakekua, on the Big Island, was founded in 1867 and is the oldest Episcopalian Church in the state.

127.  Did U Know?  Of the 90 nation’s endangered or threatened species of birds, 32 are found only in #Hawaii.

126.  Did U Know?  The Volcano House, initially a grass shack in 1846, a grass & ohia stick bldg in 1866, a wooden structure in 1877, burned in 1940,… rebuilt in ’41 and currently undergoing major renovation, scheduled to re-open sometime in the summer of 2012.

125.  Did U Know?  The familiar green sea turtle (#Honu) has evolved over 150 Million years…they watched dinosaurs evolve and die out!

124.  Did U Know?  Not just white and black sand, #Hawaii also offers red (#Kaihalulu, Maui) and green (#Papakolea, Big Island) sand beaches.

123.  Did U Know?  Hawaii has ONE mead distiller located in #Kapaa, #Kauai. Nani Moon Mead makes 5 varieties of “honey-wines”.

122.  Did U Know?   It was 1819, when King Kamehameha II abolished the ancient Hawaiian kapu (law) forbidding women and men to dine together.

121.  Did U Know?  The state flag of #Hawaii was not officially adopted by the state until the year of statehood, 1959!

120.  Did U Know?  The Reciprocity Treaty of 1875  gave the US control over Pearl Harbor in exchange for free trade for sugar and other products.

119.  Did U Know?  The Big Island of #Hawaii covers 4038 sq.miles, TWICE the size of all the other islands combined…and still growing!

118.  Did U Know?  Often IN-correctly stated that Hawaii has 4 counties; in fact, it has 5 counting overlooked Kalawao County (Kalaupapa Peninsula).   #Kalaupapa Peninsula, #Molokai, is home to the leper colony that Father Damien is famous for having administered in the late 1800’s.

117.  Did U Know?  The Polynesian Cultural Center first opened in 1963 and has provided employment and educational opportunities for thousands [of Pacific Islanders who might not otherwise have received a college education].

116.  Did U Know?   The #Mokuaikaua Church in #Kailua-Kona is the oldest Christian church in #Hawaii, est. in 1820, the current bldg was erected in 1837.

115.  Did U Know?  The #Kalaupapa Peninsula of #Molokai, home to the former leper colony (a National Historical Park) is Kalawao County, not Maui County.   [Hawaii is most often reported as having 4 counties: Kauai, Honolulu, Maui [which includes Lanai and Molokai], (Big Island of) Hawaii.  Most locals are not even aware of Kalawao County.]

114.  Did U Know?  The tiny island of #Kahoolawe was a Naval bombing range til 1990 and efforts to remove all unexploded ordinance continues today.

113. Did U Know?   The #Kilauea Lighthouse on #Kauai, was built in 1913, and sits on the northernmost point of the 8 main Hawaiian Islands.

112.  Did U Know?  #Imiloa Astronomy Center in #Hilo offers the blending of Hawaiian culture and astronomy, includes 100+ exhibits and planetarium.  [Imiloa sits on the Hilo Campus of the University of Hawaii.]

111.  Did U Know?  #Kauai has its Spouting Horn, #Maui has the Nakalele Blowhole and #Oahu has its blowhole at Makapuu.

110.  Did U Know?  The #Maui Ocean Center in #Wailuku has a 750,000 gallon tank with over 2000 fishes and averages 400,000 visitors annually.

109.  Did U Know?   The highest point on Molokai is Mount Kamakou at 4,970 feet.

108.  Did U Know?  The #Kauai #Coffee Company, the largest coffee grower in #Hawaii with 3,400 acres planted now owned by Massimo Zanetti group. [Massimo Zanetti brands incl. Hills Bros, MJB, Chock-Full-Of-Nuts, Chase & Sanborn and others…and now, Kauai Coffee!]

107.  Did U Know?  The privately owned island of #Niihau is only 69 sq. mi. with a population of approx. 230

106.  Did U Know?  #Kauai’s Kokee State Park offers a rainbow #trout #fishing season was a generous 12-trout per person/day limit during the 2013 season: [Koke’e, Kauai Annual trout opening tentatively scheduled for Jun 14-Sep 28, 2014.]

105.  Did U Know?  #Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific was created in 1949 and holds the remains of 13,000+ WWII veterans.

104.  Did U Know?  The Pioneer Inn, #Lahaina’s oldest hotel and one of the oldest in the state, was built in 1901, now a Best Western hotel.

103.  Did U Know?  The Portuguese brought our beloved Pao Duce (aka Sweet Bread), as well as portuguese sausage and chourico (choriso) to Hawaii.  [They also introduced the guitar and iconic ukelele.]

102.  Did U Know?  #Maui’s 100,000 residents are host to 2.4 Million visitors annually, so on any given day there’s one visitor for each 3 residents

101.  Did U Know?  King Kamehameha: Hawaii’s version of “George Washington Slept Here”, with him being everywhere…Kailua-Kona was his final home.

Interesting Facts About Hawaii, Post #100

Did U Know?  There are 4 distillers in Hawaii making vodka and one making #Kona Coffee liqueur

99.  Did U Know?  The ubiquitous #ukelele, so iconic with Hawaii, was introduced by the Portuguese in 1879.

98.  Did U Know?  An estimated 40-250 “Rock Wallabies” live in Kalihi Valley, Oahu, descendents of a pair that escaped [a private collection] in 1916!

97.  Did U Know?  Chinatown [Honolulu] burned…TWICE!  Once in 1886 and then again in 1900, when fires set purposely to stem bubonic plague got out of control

96.  Did U Know?  The “Sugar Cane Train” runs the 6 miles between resorts near Kaanapali and Lahaina, 4x/day. Adults@$22.95/3-12@$15.95 rd-trp. [under 3 FREE.]   Prices as of 6/18/13

95.  Did U Know?   The Munro Trail is a 4×4 only, 7-miles long, single-lane and goes to the top of Mt Lanaihale, highest point on Lanai at 3,368′.  [Driving it can be very tricky, especially after a rain, so its a good idea to check ahead.]

Munro Trail, Lanai

Munro Trail, Lanai, Photo Courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority/Ron Dahlquist

94.  Did U Know?  The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was established in 1916 and encompasses 323,431.38 acres, incl. the summit of Mauna Loa.

93.  Did U Know?  The Hawaiian Islands drift to the northwest at the rate of 4 inches a year…which makes surveying by GPS a bad idea.

92.  Did U Know?  Reyn’s and Spooner’s merged in 1962 in the Ala Moana Shopping Center, they created the distinctive reverse-print Aloha Shirt in ’63.

91.  Did U Know?  Hawaiian chants trace surfing as far back as 1500 A.D. and was under the Kapu system, which regulated size and type of wood boards were made.

90.  Did U Know?  There are two distilleries in Hawaii making rum…one on Kauai and the other on Maui.

89.  Did U Know?  There are five microbreweries and one brewery in Hawaii…2 in Honolulu, 1 on Kauai, 1 on Maui and 2 on the Big Island.

88.  Did U Know?   The Honolulu Fish Auction is the only fish auction between Tokyo and Maine and the only tuna auction like it in the US.

87.  Did U Know?  The Lahainaluna School on the island of Maui is the oldest American school west of the Rocky Mountains. Established in 1831.

86.  Did U Know?  Yearly production of the famed “Maui Onion” is around 1 Million pounds from only 400 acres in the Kula area of Haleakala.

85.  Did U Know?  Waimea Canyon is the largest canyon in the Pacific and measures 10 miles long, 1 mile wide, and more than 3,500-feet deep.

84.  Did U Know?  The highest point on Kauai is NOT Mt. Wai’ale’ale at 5,148′ (2nd wettest spot on earth), but Kawaikini at 5,243′.

83.  Did U Know?  The Ala Wai Canal was built in 1922 to drain the swamp of fish and duck ponds that made up most of what is now Waikiki.

82.  Did U Know?   From 1932 to 1969, the Kona District recognized a “Coffee Vacation”, schools closed from Aug-Nov so kids could help pick coffee.

81.  Did U Know?  Hawaii’s first export of 2.1 tons of raw sugar and 2,700 gallons of molasses was in 1836, from Koloa, Kauai.

80.  Did U Know?   The Hawaiian Tuna Packers, Ltd. cannery operated in Honolulu from 1917 till 1984., canning hook & line caught “aku”.

79.  Did U Know?   Hawaii’s first coffee plantation was established in the Hanalei Valley, Kauai, in 1842, but wiped out in 1858 by coffee blight.

78.  Did U Know?  Chief Boki, Governor of Oahu, brought the first coffee trees to Hawaii from Brazil in 1825, were planted in Manoa Valley, Oahu.

77.  Did U Know?  The Onizuka Visitor Information Center on Mauna Kea is open 365 days of the year…reaching it, however, depends on the weather!

76.  Did U Know?  Hawaii was a British protectorate and the Union Jack was the flag used by the Hawaiians until 1816.

75.  Did U Know?  The oldest Catholic Cathedral in the United States is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace in Honolulu, built in 1843.

74.  Did U Know?  Hawaii has TWO official languages…English and Hawaiian. Meanwhile, the US has no official language!

73.  Did U Know?  Mauna Loa is the largest volcano on earth @18k cubic miles, which is 2,649,563,136,000,000 cu. ft.! (that’s 2.6+ Quad-trillion!)  UPDATE (Oct. 3, 2013):  Scientists have discovered a larger volcano lurking 6 miles below the ocean surface, called Tamu Massif, located about 1000 miles south of Japan.  It is believed to cover an area of 120,000 sq. miles, about the size of New Mexico.  However, it hasn’t erupted in about 114 million years, which makes Mauna Loa the largest “active volcano” in the world.

72.  Did U Know? It was Queen Liliuokalani who ran against King Kalakaua in 1874, only to ascend the thrown upon his death in 1891.

71.  Did U Know?  Kamehameha III first spoke the words: “Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono”, “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness” [which is the State motto.]

70.  Did U know?  Everyone knows about the USS Arizona, but the [battleship] USS Oklahoma also sank that day killing 429 marines/sailors.

69.  Did U Know? Old Koloa town on Kauai was the home of Hawaii’s first sugar plantation, founded in 1835.

68. Did U Know?  The King Kamehameha statue standing in front of Ali‘iolani Hale, across from Iolani Palace, was installed on January 31, 1883!

67.  Did U Know?  In 1874, Prince David Kalakaua was elected to the throne when King Lunalilo died…the only other elected king.

66.  Did U Know?  William Charles Lunalilo (descendant of a half-brother of King Kamehameha) became the first elected king in 1873.

65.  Did U Know?  The Pink Palace of the Pacific, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, opened on February 1, 1927 and was built in just 18-months for $4 Million!

Royal Hawaiian Hotel, The Pink Palace of the Pacific

Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki, Photo Courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson

64.  Did U Know?  The original Moana Hotel opened on March 11, 1901, eventually merged w/the Surfrider Hotel, and in ’89 became the Moana Surfrider.

63.  Did U Know?  Started in 1963, the Polynesian Cultural Center provides near-full financial support at BYU for approx. 500 performing students per semester.

62.  Did U Know?   The Aloha Stadium was built in 1975 and originally made up of 4 movable sections to transform from football to baseball games.

61.  Did U Know?  The statue of King Kamehameha in front of Aliiolani Hale, across from Iolani Palace, is the 2nd…the original was lost at sea. [The original was later recovered and can be seen at Kapaau, Hawaii (Big Island), near his birthplace.]

60.  Did U Know?  The Waialua, Waimea, Hanape’pe, Lumahai and the Hanalei rivers are the ONLY navigable rivers in Hawaii and ALL located on KAUAI!

59.  Did U Know?  The whole town of Lahaina was made a National Historic Landmark in 1964.

58.  Did U Know?  The highest lake in the US is Lake Waiau – about 100 yards in diameter located on Mauna Kea at an altitude of 13,020 feet!

57.  Did U Know?  Charter a fishing boat in Hawaii and the fish caught belong to the boat, NOT the customer. Want to take some fish?  Ask first.

56.  Did U Know?  [In the past, when Waikiki needed more sand to rebuild the beach] sand at Waikiki beach was actually brought in from Papohaku Beach on Molokai, so please stop taking sand home as a souvenir!

55.  Did U Know?  The Makapuu lighthouse [Oahu] was built in 1909 and sits on a ledge blasted 395′ above the waves; a 12′ lens sits on a 35′ tall base.

54.  Did U Know?  The Bishop Museum has over 24.7 Million items in its collections and ranks in the Top 5 in the country!

53.  Did U Know?  Hawaii has the most advanced tele-comm system in the world w/more fiber optic cable per mile/per capita than any other state.

52.  Did U Know?  Started in 1959, the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, held in Kailua-Kona, allowed women to compete starting in 1961.

51.  Did U Know?  There are over 500 coffee farms that grow Kona coffee, avg size of just 5 acres, many of which are 5th generation run.

50.  Did U Know?  The highest point on Oahu is Mount Ka`ala; only 4,025 feet above sea level.

49.  Did U Know?  For babies that have allergies to a lot of foods, well strained poi makes is an excellent hypo-allergenic food.

48.  Did U Know?  The Aloha Tower first opened in 1926 and stands 184′ tall, topped with a 50′ flag pole and was the tallest structure in Hawaii [when built].

Aloha Tower

Aloha Tower, Photo Courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson

47.  Did U Know?  The Big Island houses more scientific observatories in one place than anywhere else in the world.

46.  Did U Know?  Have you ever noticed…or appreciated, that there are NO BILLBOARDS in Hawaii?  By law.

45.  Did U Know?  The deadliest eruption, killing 5000 people, occurred in the 1790 eruption of Kilauea on the Big Island.

44.  Did U Know?  The Big Island is the world’s top producer of macadamia nuts and orchids!

43.  Did U Know?  There are 104 public/private golf courses in Hawaii, spread out across six islands, incl. 1 on Molokai and 3 on Lanai.

42.  Did U Know?  The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel in Kona was built on lava fields and included planting over 500,000 landscaping plants.

41.  Did U Know?  The tallest waterfall on Molokai is Kahiwa Falls, at 2,165′ high, including l6-tiers!

40.  Did U Know?  The famous road to Hana was built in 1927 using prison labor.

39. Did U Know?  Approx. 1.2 million people visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and more than 2.5 million people visit Hanauma Bay each year.

38.  Did U Know?  Honolulu is the largest city in the world!  The Hawaii Constitution says any island not in a county is in Honolulu, making Honolulu 1500 mi long. [when adding in all the islands that comprise the Hawaiian Atoll.]

37.  Did U Know?  The highest recorded temperature in Hawaii is 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 C), measured in Pahala, on the Big Island, on April 27, 1931.  On average, Hawaii hits 90F only once or twice a year.

36.  Did U Know?  Hawaii is the only state that has no borders that are straight!

35.  Did U Know?  The Parker Ranch on the Big Island is the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S. w/approx. 480,000 acres.

34.  Did U Know?  There have been 14 films with scenes on Maui, including: Devil at 4’oclock (Spencer Tracy/Frank Sinatra) & Papillon (Dustin Hoffman/Steve McQueen)

33.  Did U Know?  Great Britain owns a piece of the rock?  Actually, they own the rock outcropping Capt. Cook’s monument sits in Kealakekua Bay.

32.  Did U Know?  The lowest recorded temperature in Hawaii was set in 1970 on Mauna Kea on the Big Island, 1.4 degrees F/-17 degrees C!

31.  Did U Know?  There have been more than 60 movies/shows filmed on Kauai including: Jurassic Park, Outbreak, 6 Days 7 Nights, Pirates of the Caribbean, [and The Descendants]

30.  Did U Know?  During the California Gold Rush of 1849, miners sent their laundry to Honolulu for laundering because it was cheaper than doing it there.

29.  Did U Know?  The entire island of Manhattan, NY can fit inside Haleakala Crater, which is over 21 miles in circumference & over 3,000′ deep.

28.  Did U Know?  The ceramic mural on the side of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Rainbow Tower is the tallest in the world, 30-stories high.

27.  Did U Know?   Hilo sits in a “Tropical Rainforest zone”, averaging 126″ (10.5 feet) of rain per year, making it the wettest city in the US.

26.  Did U Know?  There are 3 statues of King Kamehameha in Hawaii…The 2nd statue is in Honolulu, the “original”[which was lost at sea, but later recovered] is in Kapaau, Big Island, the 3rd “was” at Princeville Resort, Kauai, but later given to Hilo.  [The people of Kauai resented its presence since Kauai was the only island not to have been “conquered” by King Kamehameha, but rather submitted to his rule by its ruler, rather than face the loss of life and destruction a battle would have brought.]

Kamehameha the Great Statue in Kapaau, Big Island

Kamehameha the Great Statue, Kapaau, Big Island of Hawaii

25.  Did U Know?  More birds have become extinct in Hawaii than any other part of the world, 26 species died out and 27 more are endangered.

24.  Did U Know?  Due in no small part to the popularity of Spam-musubi, Hawaii consumes 10,000 cans of spam a day!

23.  Did U Know?  Famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, first to cross the Atlantic in a plane in 1927, is buried in Kipahulu, Maui.

22.  Did U Know?  Waipio Valley (Big Island) is the largest valley in the state; 6 miles deep, 1 mile wide, and location of 3000′ Hi’ilawe Falls, the tallest waterfall in Hawaii.

21.  Did U Know?  Molokai has NO traffic lights or shopping mall.  It DOES have one of the largest white sand beach in Hawaii, Papohaku Beach, 3 miles long [and 1 mile wide]

20.  Did U Know?  There are said to be 13 climatic regions on the earth: the Big Island has all but two, the Arctic and the Saharan.

19.  Did U Know?  Lahaina, Maui, most publicized as a former whaling town, often overshadowing it as the first capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii!

18.  Did U Know?   There are two wineries operating in Hawaii; Tedeshi Winery on Maui and the Volcano Winery on the Big Island…now, u know!

17.  Did U Know?   Two-thirds of the people on Kauai are visitors or tourists!  Or that Kauai County includes Niihau, & uninhabited Lehua and Kaula.

16.  Did U Know?  How big is the Big Island?  Biggest island in the US with 266 miles of coastline.

15.  Did U know?  That by law, on Kauai, no building can be taller than a palm tree.

14.  Did U Know?  Iolani Palace had electric lights FOUR YEARS before the White House.

13.  Did U Know?  Hawaii is the only state that grows vanilla and cacao beans, how cool is that, chocolate AND vanilla!

12.  Did U Know?  Seems like more, but Elvis only filmed 3 movies in Hawaii; Blue Hawaii, Paradise Hawaiian Style, and Girls, Girls, Girls!

11.  Did U know?  There are actually closer to 24 pools the make up the 7 Sacred Pools, the name was a marketing ploy of a motel owner in Hana.  [There is also nothing sacred about them.]

10.  Did U Know?  The only connection between [entertainer] Clara Haili, aka Hilo Hattie, and Hilo Hattie stores is [that] she sold licensing rights to the name/image before dying in 1977.
9.  Did U Know?  The Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. (HC&S) of Maui, is the last surviving sugar producer in Hawaii.

8.  Did U know?  While many give Mt. Waialeale, Kauai, credit as wettest spot on earth, Guinness says its Mawsynram and Cherrapunji, in India. [Mt. Waialeale is listed as the 2nd most wettest spot on earth.]

7.  Did U Know?  It takes one ton of water to produce one pound of sugar!  Hmmm…maybe that’s why diabetics are always thirsty.

6.  Did U know?  The world’s largest wind generator is on Oahu.  The windmill has two blades 400′ long on a tower twenty stories high.

5.  Did U know?  Even though total pineapple production is now under 4000 acres, Hawaii still produces over 1/3 of the world’s pineapples.

4.  Did U know?  The Ala Wai Golf Course, Hawaii’s First municipal course, opened in 1931…

3.  BUT, the Oldest Golf Course in Hawaii is the Moanalua Golf Club, which opened in 1898!

2.  Did U know?  That while Kauai’s NaPali cliffs get all the notoriety, Molokai’s northern sea-cliffs at over 3000′ are the world’s tallest?

1.  Did U Know?  That by state law, all subterranean mineral rights belong to the state.  That’s a big reason why geo-thermal energy development is so lacking.

I hope you have found these Interesting Facts About Hawaii enlightening, as well as entertaining.  I have covered the gamut of historical, social, sports and entertainment and must admit, in my efforts to seek out these little bits of trivia, I have learned some interesting facts about Hawaii that I was not previously aware of.  I do have a favor to ask of anyone who’s made it this far on the page and that is to help me by sharing this site with others.  Mahalo!

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